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New and Improved White Trade Circle



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I have added the following



Which give you the following

Increases number of citizens +12%

Increases population happiness +1.

Need the following

Fish: Jake2345


Wine: redtaz

Gold: KingemO93

Silver: NoXiOuSII


Coal: Jake2345

Lumber: NoXiOuSII

Lead: KingemO93

Iron or Oil (I Don't Care): redtaz

And we'll get the following

Scholars - Increases population income +$3.00.

Fine Jewelry - Increases population happiness + 3.

Affluent Population - Increases number of citizens +5%.

Depending on if we get Oil or Iron we'll get one of the following

(Oil)Microchips - Reduces technology cost -8%, increases population happiness +2.

(Iron)Steel - Reduces infrastructure cost -2%. Lowers all navy vessel purchase cost -15%.

And it will help you like the following

Increases number of citizens +13%

Lowers land purchase cost -5%.

Triples the natural growth of a nation.

Lowers technology cost by 5%.

Increases citizen’s daily income +$13.00

Increases population happiness +10.5.

Lowers infrastructure purchase cost -10%

Lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -8%.

Lowers cruise missile and nuclear weapon purchase cost and upkeep cost -20%

Lowers aircraft upkeep cost -25%

Lowers tank purchase and upkeep costs -8%

Lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50

Reduces environment penalties for owning nuclear weapons by 50%

Lowers all navy vessel upkeep cost -20%.

Increases the purchased land area of a nation by 15%

Increases soldier efficiency +8%

nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=285001

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