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5 BR Trade Circle


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Believe me when i say this 8 br circles are trash as you get population boost with them. With this circle youll get uber cheap infra, super low bills, while still making a !@#$ ton of cash due to the ~27% pop increase. Join up if you want to grow fast. Purple Team Required.

Aluminum: murph1797

Cattle: ocpuck123


Fish: ocpuck123



Marble: Dyllan

Oil: Dyllan

Rubber: Willirica

Water: Willirica


Uranium: murph1797

Bonus Resources







This is the 2nd best trade circle avaliable. Youll have the strongest military, cheapest infra, lowest bills, while still taking in larges sums of money.


Initial infrastructure cost: -41% Soldier increase: 42.6% Nuclear Weapons cost decrease: 0%

Infrastructure upkeep: -24.7% Soldier cost decrease: $-6 Nuclear Weapons upkeep decrease: -50%

Population increase: 22.5% Soldier upkeep cost: $0 Frigate purchase cost decrease: -15%

Citizen income increase: $0 Tank cost decrease: 0% Frigate upkeep cost decrease: -10%

Population happiness increase: 9 Tank upkeep cost: -9.8% Destroyer purchase cost decrease: -25%

Initial land cost: -23.1% Aircraft cost decrease: -7.8% Destroyer upkeep cost decrease: 0%

Purchase land area increase: 38% Aircraft upkeep cost decrease: 0% Submarine purchase cost decrease: -20%

Natural growth increase: x0 Aircraft limit increase: 10 units Submarine upkeep cost decrease: -14.5%

Technology cost decrease: 0% Cruise Missile cost decrease: 0% Aircraft carrier purchase cost decrease: -27.6%

Environment: 1 Cruise Missile upkeep cost decrease: 0% Aircraft Carrier upkeep cost decrease: -14.5%

Environment penalty reduction: 0% Other navy purchase cost decrease: -15%

Global Radiation reduction: 0% Other navy upkeep cost decrease: -10%


Construction requires a technology level greater than 5


Uranium allows nations to develop nuclear weapons if that nations government preference supports nuclear weapons.

If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 population happiness.

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You can sign me up if you like.

I am in aqua right now but I can change color.

I have uranium and aluminum!

Though I am trying to fill my trade circle too, so if I fill mine before this one is filled then I will be going with that one but if this one is filled first I will go with this one.

Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=287502

P.S. Could you send me a message on cybernations to my nation if you accept me in this trade circle.

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