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MASH-MHA bar buddies treaty


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In the interests of mutual peace and prosperity, the Mighty Armed States of Honor (M*A*S*H) and the Mostly Harmful Alliance Herby agree to the following in the name of friendship on 1-3-09, 12:00.

Article 1 : Sovereignty

Section 1 : Govern

Both signatories agree that they each have their own right to their own sovereignty to be ruled as they alone see fit. Not to be judged or overruled by either signatory.

Section 2 : Pax

Both signatories agree, that both alliance members shall show respect to each other in an attempt to keep peace between the two alliances. Agreeing not to insult, demoralize, or otherwise uproot either signatory members. If such an act is to occur, it is the member's alliance government to punish and/or correct them.

Article 2 : War

Section 1 : peace

Both signatories agree, not to war either party through offensive, moral, or demeaningful ways. If such acts are immanent, this treaty shall be immediately forfeited and Article 4, section 2 shall take into effect

Section 2 : 3erd party wars

Both signatories agree that each signatory has their own right to wage wars on their on terms with others. Although this treaty does not require it, either signatory may request assistance either through diplomatic or military means. However, this is not necessary and is completely voluntary, up to the requested alliance to either assist or decline.

Article 3 : Cancellation

Section 1 : Override

This treaty may at any time be override if both signatories sign an equivalent or surpassing treaty then this. In which case this treaty shall be ended immediately, without section 2 taking effect.

Section 2 : Cancellation

In the event either party wishes to end this treaty, There must be a 48 hour warning before such an act is made. After the decision has been made for a cancellation of this treaty, This treaty shall remain in effect for 72 hours before its made invalided.


For M*A*S*H :

Energizer - XO

Boomerisgod - MoW

Bedford forest - MoFA

For MHA :

Thaisport - Prime Minister

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