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Article I.

The Unrighteous Fist and Rodentia Dominatus will never go to war against each other. In fact, our mutual friendship extends far enough that we will defend each other if a third party is foolish enough to attack either of us.

Article II.

Rodentia Dominatus has the option to engage in offensive actions that The Unrighteous Fist takes, but is not obligated, and vice versa.

Article III.

This treaty may be terminated, though 48 hours notice is required, to be given through private channels.


The TUF General Assembly.


Arcticllama, Head Lemming, CEO, Lead rogue cantaloupe hunter

Strykewolf, War Leader, Herder of Hamsters

Captan B Bear, Renowned Squirrel empire diplomat, Pirate of the Canoeabean

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