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~Welcome to Argolis ~


Argolis is a new orange team alliance here on CN.

Our main philosophy is to develop our citizens into strong, affluent nations through economic growth,trade opportunities, and other alliance programs, while providing a safe and friendly environment in which to prosper. We also strive to maintain and promote peace as much as possible for our citizenship. Argolis pledges its loyalty and commitment to the Orange team.We are looking for new citizens, young and old, to join us. Anyone is welcome to join as long as they are willing to switch to the Orange team.

So,if you are interested…Come and be part of the Argolis family.

Alliance Information

Founder: Hestia

Color Sphere: Orange

IRC: #Argolis on Coldfront.Net

FORUMS:Argolis Forums

Citizenship Requirements

In order to join our alliance,the following requirements must be met:

1. All new citizens must abide by our constitution and Code of Rights and Behavior.

2. All new citizens to Argolis must change to Orange team upon approval of citizenship.

3. You must not be in any wars of any kind at the time!

4. Prospective new citizens must not be on any Perma-ZI,Rogue,etc list.

5. Prospective new citizens may not be part of any other alliance while in Argolis.

If you are able to meet these requirements,then come join us.

Section 1: Argolis Government

Premier: is the Head of State for the Argolis Alliance.The Premier has full executive authority over all aspects, i.e, executive,diplomatic,military,etc within the alliance.

Internal Affairs Regent: is responsible for improving the alliance domestically and make sure members are kept up to date on events taking place on planet BOB.

The IAR is in charge of the Parliament.

The IAR is in charge when the Premier is not available..

Supreme Judiciary : is in charge of administration and enforcement of our Constitution and Code of Conduct and Behavior.

The Supreme Judiciary must interpret the Constitution as it is written, overseeing all amendment proposals and votes, receive and deal with any and all

complaints, and oversee any trial proceedings.

All citizen disputes will be handled by the Supreme Judiciary.

Director of Recruitment : is in charge of citizenship, maintaining and administering the mentor program, as well as educating,assisting and recruiting new citizens for the alliance.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: is in charge of negotiating treaties and agreements, establish embassies, work towards cease-fires, secure peace and assistance, and perform all necessary functions to maintain appropriate foreign policy.

Defense Regent: is in charge for performing all necessary functions to ensure the security and defense of the Argolis Alliance.

Minister of Trade & Finance: is responsible for assisting all citizens in getting trades,managing and organizing the alliance banks, and for establishing and ensuring the distribution of all aid within the alliance.

Director of Fun: is in charge of ensuring that our citizens are actively participating within the alliance.And also that our forums are a fun place for our citizens to hang out at,and have fun in.

Section 2: Code of Rights and Behavior

1. Citizens of the alliance must be respectful and honorable to other citizens,government official,foreign dignitaries,and visitors to the Argolis forums.

Argos citizens must adhere to to the policy of respect and honorability when on the CN Forums,as well.

2. No citizen of the alliance may share any information about Argolis,its citizens or other internal information without permission of the Government.

Violators will be punished.

3. We do not allow tech raiding.

4. All citizens are encouraged to participate on the Argolis forums,and our IRC Channel.

5. All citizens may speak freely within the alliance.

6. Spying is not allowed by any citizen of the alliance,for any reason.

7. All citizens of the alliance have the right to leave the alliance at anytime,as long as you are in good standing and owe no monies. When you decide to leave Argos,we ask that you submit a letter of resignation to the government, in the Resignation forum.

8. All citizens must help any citizen in need at all times.

9. All citizens have the right to be protected by the alliance if attacked.

10. Citizens have a right to aid when it is available and applicable.

11. You as a citizen have the right to due process in all legal matters that you may be involved in while in Argolis.

12. All citizens must stay on the Orange team at all times while a citizen of Argolis.

Section 3: Foreign Affairs Policy

Argos is a peaceful alliance and strives to remain neutral in global conflicts. Argolis is dedicated to peace and world stability within the Cyberverse. As a peaceful alliance, diplomacy is certainly our first option to resolve any and all disputes that may come up,If we are attacked,we will then defend ourselves, by any means necessary.

Any citizen who decides to go rogue and attack a citizen of Argolis, or another alliance shall be expelled from the alliance.

Section 4: Diplomatic Relations

The Argolis Government has an open door when it comes to foreign relations,and we welcome all ambassadors from other alliances to come and open discussions with us.

Section 5: Parliament

The Parliament is made up of all citizens of Argolis.

The IAR is the Head of the Parliament.

Legislation must pass by a 80% majority of the Parliament.

Any citizen of may introduce legislation for debate in the Parliament.

In that event that a tie vote occurs, the Premier will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Section 6: Elections

All Argolis government positions are up for election.

The Premier position is a lifetime position, and can only be up for election if the Premier steps down from that position.

General Elections will be held every 3 months.

All citizens of the alliance may vote in all alliance elections.

We encourage all citizens to run for any open government position.

The Premier will appoint all positions till the 1st election is held.

Special Elections will be held when the Premier steps down, or when any other Official leaves before the general election of officials.

Section 7: AmendmentsA citizen of the alliance may propose an amendment to the charter at any time. In order for the amendment to be added, it must pass by a 75% vote in Parliament, with the vote lasting for 72 hours.

Section 8: Mergers and Disbandenment Clause

In order for the alliance to disband or merge, the General Citizenship must vote and pass the proposal with a 80% approval.The voting period of 96 hours is required.

Section 9: Expulsion

Any citizen may be expelled for any of the below offenses:

1. Violation of any part of the Argolis Constitution

2. Rogue attacks on other citizens or other alliance’s

3. Cheating

4. Violation of the Code of Rights and Behavior

5. Spying

6. Violation of the CN TOS/Rules

This concludes the document, Constitution of Argolis.

Signed by,

Hestia, Premier of Argolis

Edited by Hestia
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I highly recomend that you come join the New Roman Military i'll even make you the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Making an alliance is very frustrating if you don't have connections.

As I stated earlier...I am not interested.But,thank you!

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