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6million 150tech looking for 10 separate deals


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Greetings Tech Sellers and all around Black Marketeers,

The Mostly Harmless Alliance will be purchasing 150tech for 6million dollars from up to 10 different sellers.

In order for this deal to work. You will need to be able to send out 150tech over the course of Jan 1st and 2nd.

The tech has to come in a reasonable time frame...

However, if you would like to participate in the deal and do not have 5 free slots we can schedule the payment any way you like, however the Tech needs to be able to come out before the end of the 3rd in Jan.

We can also provide deals for 3m 100tech. Just send me a message in the CN game.

Nation: Greater United North

Ruler: Tristram


150tech by Jan 3rd.

6mil whenever you want, 1st 11th 21st are great payment dates but we can flex to whatever.

need 10 sellers.

-Tristram, Deputy Minister of Towels, Mostly Harmless Alliance

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