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The United Alliance of CN

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Welcome to the United Alliance Recruitment thread based in the Cybernations Forum. The purpose of the thread is to convince you, a member without a home, why the United Alliance is the best place to be. But this Alliance has another function as well, The United Alliance also functions as a Grand Central Station for other Alliances to come and discuss issues that affect themselves and those around them in ways that may not be good for everyone, or as a place to negotiate between Alliances to prevent war and chaos.

As a member nation you are given a role within the Alliance to make it more productive and efficient in its quest to help the world get along just a little better. These roles will vary depending on openings and the world's current state. Even though we have an In game Alliance Affiliation title, this is not required for membership. We have an off site forum, which the link is written below, and is separated for different Alliances, and when a new member joins the Alliance as a whole.

As our title states we are active in the whole world and do not require a certain color to join. And if you’re interested please follow the steps below and get registered:

Go to....





After that...


Your finished

Again if you have any questions please ask!

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