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...A Raider for Christmas...


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T'was the night before Christmas,

And all through the house.

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even a mouse.

Burning Glory has raided,

That can-not be denied.

Upon a Rodentia Nation,

Nearly half his size.

The Hamster's stop hanging,

The stockings with care.

And stock up on ammo,

while helping the Bear.

The catapults start singing,

The air force in flight.

Thousands of angry rodents,

Trudge into the night.

Burning Glory now finds,

Himself with three fronts.

A coordinated effort,

To deal with the affront.

You have raided before,

That time we took peace.

This time around,

You'll find we're not so weak.

What happens now,

Is in your ball-park.

I think you have found out,

Our bite....is worse...than our bark.

PS: Merry Christmas !! And yeah...I'm bad with poetry :P Full Spread is authorized.

Time to start chewing.........Merry Christmas to me.... :)


XO; Rodentia Dominatus

PS: you hit at 4.9 k wanna make some bets? I bet I get my $@! kicked. After all I'm barely at 3k.

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Feel lucky I had already used my slots.

lets not be so hasty, as to all getting ramped upand goin crazy..

things are still being worked out between Blazing Glory and myself, so lets not get carried away.

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It seems that some things were taken wrong. And my responses in pms did not help much.

At just under 5k, it was a decision point. We chose to fight and rolled in full bore. The poem take was meant to glorify our attacker. It was not taken as such.

An agreement was reached. We decideded not to hate each other.

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