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Mostly Harmful Fellowship


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Not a merger as implied, but an MDP:

1. The Fellowship hereby agrees not to invoke or incite war with members of MHA and MHA agree not to invoke or incite war with members of The Fellowship. For the avoidance of doubt, spying in any sense whatsoever is considered an act of war.

2. Should a member of either alliance start a war with the other, then the attacking nation will be considered 'rogue' and the alliance leaders will attempt to reconcile the problem diplomatically. If this is not possible, the affiliated alliance will agree to a 'fire at will' policy towards the rogue nation. The affiliated alliance will not support the rogue nation in any way.

3. Breach of sections one and two will render the treaty void with immediate effect.

4. The Fellowship and MHA will answer each others call to mutual defense where there is no direct conflict of interest and where the odds of victory are not overwhelming. For the purpose of illustration, odds of 6 to 1 are overwhelming.

5. This treaty can be withdrawn at any point by agreement between leaders off the subject alliances, with a notice period of 3 days.


NeoGandalf, Emperor of The Fellowship

Thaisport, Prime Minister of Mostly Harmful Alliance

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