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Link: http://theoathofaccord.smfforfree.com/index.php

Alliance Charter


I. I KingemO93 have created The Oath Of Accord to restore Loyalty, Respect and Honor back to Cyber Nations. We will succed in our. But if we don't we will give our power to someone who will. So from this day forward i give you The Oath Of Accord (abrv. TOOA). The Following is the TOOA Charter

II.President ~ The First in Command

a. Is the Admin & Moderator of ALL Forums exept "Minister Of (Defence, Recruit, Finance, and Education)" and The "Vice President" Forum

b. The One who leads the TOOA and is the Comander and Chief of the Military.

c. KingemO93 (me) is the PERMANANT President.

d. Appoints the TOOA Goverment and has the power to TAKE IT ALL AWAY.

III.Vice President ~ The Second in Command.

a. Is the Moderator of "Vice President" Forum

b. The One who takes over when the President is around.

c. Is HAND Picked by the President.

d. Appoints the TOOA Congress and has the power to TAKE IT ALL AWAY.

e. Can appoint his own personal Secretary(DOES NOT HAVE TO).

III-2.Personal Secretary of the Vice President ~ The Direct onderstudy of the Vice President

a. Step up to power if the Vice President is took out of duty.

b. Takes out all the orders of the Vice President to the TOOA Congrees and Ministers

c. Step to power if a member of the TOOA Congress is took out of Duty

IV.Minister of Defense ~ The Third in Command

a. Is the Moderator of the "Minister of Defence" Forum

b. Commands the TOOA Military.

c. Call for War if threatend.

d. Can pass a Peace treaty.

V.Minister of Recruit ~ The Fourth in Command

a. Is the Moderator of the "Minister Of Recruit" Forum

b. Held accountable for the "Recruiting Team".

c. Get all Rewards for all the Recruited Members

VI.Minister of Finance ~ The Fith in Command

a. Is the Moderator of the "Minister of Finance" Forum.

b. Is Responable for all Trade, Aid, and Tech Deals

c. Can Appoint a Secretary for Aid, Trade, and Tech (Can Appoint up to 3 one for each Trade, Aid, and Tech).

VI-2. Secretary of Trade.

a. Appointed by the Minister of Finance.

b. Held Accountable for ALL Trade Deals.

c. Steps to power if the Minister of Finance is took from power

VI-3.Secretary of Aid.

a. Appointed by the Minister of Finance.

b. Held Accountable for all Aid Deals.

c. Steps to power if Secretary of Trade is took from power.

VI-4. Secretary of Tech.

a. Appointed by the Minister of Finance

b. Held Accountable for all Tech Deals

c. Steps to power if Secretary of Aid is took from power.

VII.Minister of Education ~ The Sixth in Command

a. Is the Moderator for the "Minister of Education".

b. Held accountable for the teaching and learning of the new recruits

c. Can appoint "Teachers".

d. Asigns Teachers to new members.

e. Makes "Test" for Teachers to take before asigned to a member.


a. Held Accountable for the learning of the alliance member asigned to.

b. Has Passed test asigned by the Minister of Education.

VIII.OOA Congress

a. Made up by Four (4) Members appointed be the Vice President.

b. Can Over Rule ANY Desicion made by the Ministers.

c. Can take a Member of the TOOA Goverment from power (Except The President and Vice President).

d. Can Merge Alliances or take a Member COMPLETELY OUT of TOOA


a. TOOA Vice President Elections will be held every SIX (6) Months.

b. TOOA Congress Elections will be held ever FOUR (4) Months starting in January.

c. TOOA Goverment Minister Election will be held every Two (2) Months starting in January.

d. The TOOA President can sanction any Goverment Offical from Elections.



a. The Oath Of Accord WILL NOT ATTACK another ALLIANCE unless forced.

b. We will not aid ANY Alliance that that has a bad past with us.

c. Peace threaties will be SIGNED but NOT PRESENTED. PERIOD.

d. ANY Alliance member that attacks another Inner-Alliance member will be DESTROYED by ALL Alliance members.

e. Attacking Random Nations for NO Reason WILL NOT be welcome.

f. If there is a problem between a Alliance member and another Nation we will NOT aid youin your fights if they threaten the ALLIANCE we will step in.

XI.Foreign Relations

a. We will accept all Alliance Threaties and Merges IF they are reasonable.

b. We Strongly Side with Nation -to- Nation (Non-Inner-Alliance) Threaties.

c. We will accept and give Foreign Aid that is reasonable.

XII.Joining the alliance

a. when you fill out the Alliance Member Application it will go thru immediatly (You will be a Member If you fill it out and you have the following):

b. Your Team Color can be what ever you want it to be (We understand Trade Bonuses).

c. Your Alliance Affiliation is set to: The Oath Of Accord (First letter of every word capitalized. in case you cann't see it)

d. Your NOT in Peace Mode (If You Cann't Let me know).


We will add Amendments when we think of them or alliance members think AND request (PM Me) them.

Hope To See You There

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