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Join the LP501st


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the LP501st is a brand new alliance that is still in construction.

the following postitions are open:

sec. of domestic affarirs

sec. of finaces

sec. of foregin of affairs


sec. of defense

just msg me if you are intrested in joining

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This is the Charter so far. still working on it

The LP501st system:

1.We at the LP501st are peaceful, but will be agressive if attacked first.

2.We are open to trade with all nations and alliances.

3.We will give aid to are allies in their time of war.

4.We use a democratic system, but with special powers granted to the Kaiser,which is are leader.

Powers of the Kaiser:

1.He gets reports on all activites by his staff.

2.He is in control of the Military.

3.He sends his assistants to negotiate trades with other nations or peace treatys with other alliances.

4.He can only vote if their is a tie.

5.The only way he can be thrown out if the all if his staff thanks it would be better for the alliance if he gets overthrown.

Powers of Secertary of defense:

1. He controls ALL the spies

2.He watchs for any spy operations on this alliance.

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