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Rodentia Dominatus

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Okay...you're active. And you have time to talk. But, do you have time to fight? Do you even know how too?

You're a mole, a ferret, a raccoon, a beaver...perhaps even a wolverine. :) What you do not know we will attempt to teach you. Anarchy a problem? Yeah...it sucks sometimes but you can still fight. It just takes a little finesse :)

And we tend not to get that far. Anarchy, that is :)

Rodentia Dominatus

Wants You!!

We have a basic rule.

You attack one of us? You attack all of us.

You want to raid? Feel free, but don't raid alliances. And don't expect us to help you too much, when you do raid an alliance. Though we may be ale to help. Still. Do NOT do it. :)

To join? Send a message to Arcticllama and myself. And change your aa to Rodentia Dominatus :)

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