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A Formal Apology to ADULT


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A formal Apology to ADULT

From Rodentia Dominatus

As war leader and second in command of Rodentia Dominatus.

I find myself in many seats. And wearing many hats.

Recently one of ours raided the alliance of ADULT. When this war came up (the defense of UW by Rodentia), I assigned one to be a team partner to that individual... and due to a lack of reading comprehension; that individual also hit the same two ADULT members. Both attackers have been away for a couple days now. One, is in Iraq and I believe I know why he hit.

HolyMoley counter-attacked both...and we thought things had settled down...when we talked after that.

And tonight. A member Rodentia attacked him, and brought in a friend of our alliance as well.

I have ordered one to stand down and requested that the other do so as well. I was of the understanding that our members understood the situation.

Apparently, I was mistaken.

ADULT members...feel free to come see me in the IRC channel 'Blackhorse' and we'll work this out. For the moment I'm going afk and getting some beer...because I need it..

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