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White Team Trade Circle


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I'm pretty sick of having my trades go inactive or dropped without any warning. I'm looking to set up a white team trade circle with the following resources:




Furs: Edikroma


Lead: -maybe filled- *

Lumber: Edikroma

Marble: Ch3LC3Y


Pigs: -maybe filled- *


Uranium: Ch3LC3Y

* = these maybe filled. I'm not sure yet, so go ahead and post if you're interested.

Bonus resources: Asphalt, Automobiles, Construction, Scholars (if literacy rate is above 90%), Steel

Total benefits:

Initial infra cost: -42%

Infra upkeep: -26%

Pop increase: 11.5%

Citizen income increase: $6.5

Pop happiness increase: 4.5

Initial land cost: -15%

Purchased land increase: 35%

Natural growth increase: x3

Soldier increase: 53%

Soldier cost decrease: -$6

Soldier upkeep cost: -$1

Tank cost decrease: -8%

Tank upkeep cost: -18%

Aircraft cost decrease: -16%

Aircraft upkeep: -25%

Aircraft limit: +10

Navy vessel purchase cost: -15%

Naval vessel upkeep: -30%

Aircraft Carrier and Submarine upkeep: -5% (Thanks to Uranium)

CM cost decrease: -20%

CM upkeep decrease: -20%

Nuke cost decrease: -20%

Nuke upkeep decrease: -20%

1) Yea, I know, Furs is a pretty crappy resource.

2) I'm willing to switch fish for wheat or cattle, or in if I really can't fill this circle, gold. Gold will decrease tech costs, but you lose a large population boost.

3) Pigs is a good soldier boost, but again, in a real jam, I guess we can replace it.

4) Please! If you're white team and have these resources, SIGN UP!!!

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Furs is bad for bonus resources,but a good resource...There is one good trade set you have with furs.


Yea. I know. That's why I always have to be the wild card in a trade circle. And a pretty crappy wild card at that. Oh look! We get all these bonuses....and then we get fur. Yeah!

I would have rerolled the minute I got Furs/Lumber, but I didn't learn that was an option until like a year into playing.

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