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Trade Circle, 8 Bonuses, With +14 Happiness


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Hi all,

I'm interested in setting up a stable trading circle.

Here is the desired set:


This gives +14 happiness, better than the standard 8BG set of only +11 happiness due to Wine.

Full effects:


Resource List:

Aluminum - Brain Damage

Coal - Brain Damage

Gold - frthozabout2rock

Iron - frthozabout2rock

Lead - Sonjo

Lumber - 641557

Marble - 641557

Oil - Warblade

Rubber - Sonjo

Water - Warblade

Wheat - Zaesner

Wine - Zaesner

Note: Positions will be determined to minimise clashes with other nation offers, if two equal clashes occur first in best dressed will apply. All members must have a harbour (5 trading slots).

Post if interested, colour is Green preferably but is open for discussion.

Please don't just post to argue the benefits of other sets.

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At this stage it looks like Warblade and frthozabout2rock will contribute Oil, Water and Iron, Gold respectively - due to clahses thus far.

Now looking for nations with Aluminum, Coal, Lead, Lumber, Marble or Rubber.

Edited by Zaesner
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hello i was messaged concernng this trade circle and i am very interested

but i do not have a harbour and i am on red team

i have alluminum and coal which i see are the two missing links to this circle. if we could work out some kind of deal i would appreciate it greatly


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