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Join Knights of the Loyal Order!

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Hello, and thank you for taking interest in joining this alliance.

The Knights of the Loyal Order is different in that we treat every member as family, we protect and support them, set them up with trades to benefit their nations, and advice them on the game.

To help set you up, we'll invite you to participate in tech deals with the TFD alliance, which in the end, will earn you about $1 Million!

Such as your nation, we are too a new alliance so we have something in common, we can both grow big and see the fruits of our labours.

I hope you decide to join the KLO, if not good luck in the future.

To join register here: http://z4.invisionfree.com/KoLO/index.php

If you have any questions or have problems registering don’t be afraid to contact me in-game or on the forum.

Thank you for your time :D

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