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Buying Dec (and Nov) Donation, 18mil or 100 tech per 3mil(15mil)

General Ulji

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PM me in-game. First 3mil comes after donation benefits received. Wait for the go ahead before sending the donation.

Ill pay $18 mil (6 installments of 3mil every 10 days) with the possibility of unpaid middlemen mixed up in the installments. No guarantees on the middlemen.


100 tech for each 3mil(In which case I would be paying 15mil and having the tech deals made and delivered to your nation)

5installments of 3mil x 100tech = 500tech. The time it takes for the tech deal offer to complete will be based on how many aid slots you or myself have available and/or are willing to use. I'll handle any tech scams.

I'll also entertain any proposals to mix up cash and tech.

Credit must be given where credit it due, this format was copied from SpoiL.

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