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Central Association for Tactical Security


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Greetings to all Cyber Nations members!

Are you a player who wants to play peacefully?

Are you a player who wants to play in a community?

Are you a player who wants to grow and advance?

Are you a player who is sick of beeing raided?

Then join us to reestablish the former power of the CATS Alliance!

We, the Central Association for Tactical Security, also known as CATS, are recruiting again. After heavy trouble we are gathering our forces again to become the alliance we had been once ago. And as we all know how important it is to take care of the new players, we are open to support all players who are willing to join us to find glory in unity!

So here are a few information about us:



Central Association for Tactical Security (CATS)


Mostly Aqua


[...] Article Two: Principles

- Upon creation, every nation is vested with certain sacred, undeniable rights which are to be protected by this Union at all costs but only extend so far as they do not damage the whole or encroach on anothers intrinsic rights. These rights shall not be infringed upon unless through due process of law. Principal among these are the following:

1.) To freely express one's opinion on any issue at any time, as long as it does not violate the rights of others

2.) To enjoy freedom from undue burden.

3.) To associate freely with other friendly entities.

4.) A person is allowed to enter, re-enter, or leave the alliance at anytime. Entrance and re-entrance is allowed after a routine background check. A person may NOT leave the alliance if they are in financial or technological debt until it is paid off or a pardon is given by the Grand Architect or the Senate.

5.) To govern the internal policy of one’s nation without interference, unless a person’s action violates the Alliances Policies or Defense Policies.

6.) To defend oneself before an impartial jury of ones peers, be informed of the charges, enjoy a speedy and public trial, be confronted by witnesses, have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in ones favor, and to have the benefit of a Counsel for ones defense in all cases which may result the infringement of any of these enumerated rights. A military tribunal is the same as a personal trial, however, a person may request the trial to be private.

7.) To be free from excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishments, and to have the right to appeal the judgment and face a trial.

8.) To campaign and serve, if elected, in any electable office.

9.) To enjoy the profits from ones nation without violation by ones government. However, should the alliance go into debt to another alliance and need money, every nation is required to donate to help bring the alliance out of debt. Furthermore, if a nation raids on another nation and is forced to pay reparations, the alliance has the ability to force the nation to pay in a timely manner.

10.) To petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

11.) To be protected from infraction upon life, liberty, and property.

12.) To be protected from slander, slander being defined as malicious, false, or defaming statements towards another person

- Upon entrance, every member renounces the right to maintain his or her own foreign policy, including military action. All foreign policy for these states united shall fall under the jurisdiction of the popularly-elected Senate.

- No nation shall preserve or create an entangling relationship with any alien entity unless specifically approved by Senate in writing. Trade is not considered an entangling relationship; however, it is advised that trades be conducted with friends and allies of CATS.

- Any member who violates these provisions will be considered to have renounced his or her membership if the situation is not corrected within one week.[…]

From the CATS Constitution 9th April 2008


CATS Official Board

Application Topic:

Right at our external board, dear people!

To get further information on our alliance, just send Highest Don or me, Belgarion, a message or sign up at our board if you're interested.

Hope to see you soon within our ranks!

Join us today!

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