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Welcome to -- LRN 2 TRN

Otherwise known as "Learn to Turn"

Otherwise known as "Do you double-step or do you cross-over and do you do the spins and if you don't you should learn how to eventually kthx"

Otherwise an alliance for all DDR / ITG2 / PIU (Dance Dance Revolution, In the Groove 2 (R21/23), Pump It Up) players for absolutely no reason other than to have an alliance for those people.

This alliance is multi-colored, and has no structure of government at the moment (A coalition, if you will). There will be a form of government set up if the alliance grows large enough, and if enough interest is shown.

Come join this alliance no matter your skill level: New players, regulars, and AAA/Quad/Bumblebee S grade people are all welcome. A place to simply revel in the ideology that we all play a similar game, and all enjoy it greatly.

Also, you do not need to do all the crossovers to join this group, nor is it required that you do learn to cross-over (otherwise LRN 2 TRN). Its simply a name, folks.


Once there is a forum and government established, I will promote people as needed. No guarantee that just because your score is higher that you get a better position (so no showing me 118% on "A Good Start" =P)

Sharing of ideas and stepfiles will become an option once the forum is established.

This is all subject to the amount of interest I gain. Since this is a slightly strange reason to start an alliance and since it is requesting new players all together, I might scrap this project if there isn't anyone interested.


If you are interested in help, in joining, or for further information, drop me a line at --- http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=133024

You are welcome to change your Affiliation to LRN 2 TRN and pm me if you aren't going to bring a war with you >_>

Thats all. I will bump this once I get enough support to warrant a forum.

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