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Hey Everyone... Have started yousing the new Spie system today (Only yousing it on inactive unaligned nations :blush: )

It is so Kool... Very expensive to buy the Spies and conduct operations, but so worth it and fun :lol:

2 Questions:

Spy operation odds are determined by the following formulas:

Attacking spies chances of success are determined by (number of spies) + (technology level / 20)

1) When your attacking with enemy Spies Does the threat level play any role in increasing the chances of a succesfull attack???

2) * Destroy Defending Tanks (Max 50) = $200,000 + (1 x enemy nation strength)

* Destroy Cruise Missiles (Max 5) = $200,000 + (1 x enemy nation strength)

* Assassinate Enemy Spies (Max 20) = $250,000 + (2 x enemy nation strength)

* Destroy Money Reserves (Max 1 Million) = $300,000 + (5 x enemy nation strength)

* Destroy Technology (Max 5) = $300,000 + (2 x enemy nation strength)

* Destroy Nuclear Weapons (Max 1) = $500,000 + (15 x enemy nation strength)

* Destroy Infrastructure (Max 5) = $500,000 + (5 x enemy nation strength)

I know admin says they need time to work out the bugs invovled with the new system before they release these options... was simply criouse if admin has out a release date on these yousages???

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