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Super sekrit OJ Recipe

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Charter of Orange Juice


The events which led us to leave Planet Bob and establish a foothold on Planet Carl were many, of which the chief were: The ability to wage war at our leisure and a rejection of intricate treaty webs and power blocs. Our nations have banded together in an effort to promote military strength in attack and defense and the rejection of the hegemony of nations by treaty while displaying the virtues of individual liberty and alliance honor.

Section I. Governance

A. Orange juice shall be ruled by a Cabinet made up from the Secretaries of each department within the alliance. The Cabinet is the representative body for the membership to the rest of the planet and is responsible for protecting the security and stability of the alliance as a whole by overseeing the alliance and its governance in day to day affairs both foreign and domestic.

B. The Cabinet shall be led by the Dictator for life who shall be appointed by the Cabinet after the Founding Dictator's term of service has finished. The Dictator for life is the representative of the general will of the membership.

Section II. Membership

A. Membership in any other alliance is incompatible with concurrent membership in Orange Juice

B. Members will act in the best interests of the alliance and are expected to contribute to the overall well-being and continual growth of the alliance at all times. Advancement within the alliance is based upon demonstrated merit.

C. Members are bound to confidentiality in regards to Orange Juice procedures, internal discussions, political and military affairs and other information relating to the alliance as a whole. This confidentiality remains in effect even after the member leaves the alliance and is effective from the moment the member pledges to and accepts the Orange Juice Charter as binding upon their nation.

D. Any nation that is willing to uphold the principles of Orange Juice, to contribute to its growth and success may apply for membership. Nations so invited may become a member by stating their acceptance of, and pledging to uphold this Charter.

E. All members have the right to free speech and to develop their nation as they see fit. Free speech is not guaranteed when it is used to abuse, harass or discriminate other nations, regardless of their alliance affiliation, or due to age, sex, race, religion, activities in other browser games, or just about any reason not covered in Section IV. Violations

Section III. Military

A. An armed attack against one or more members shall be considered an attack against the alliance as a whole. In such an event the alliance will take action as directed by the Cabinet, which can include the use of armed force, in an effort to restore order and stability to the alliance and its members.

B. Members are encouraged to develop nuclear capability as quickly as possible, but to limit their use to a responsible manner. As such all first strike attackes are strictly prohibited unless specifically approved by the Cabinet.

C. Members shall reserve one war slot at all times for the express use under directives of the Cabinet.

Section IV. Violations

A. A member who has attacked another member of this alliance, one of the alliance's designated friends or has persistently violated the terms of principles contain in the present Charter may be expelled from Orange Juice.

B. A member who is discovered belonging to another alliance or in violation of the confidentiality agreement will be considered to be engage in the act of espionage against Orange Juice and expelled from Orange Juice. In the case of a former member found to be in violation of their confidentiality agreement a request will be made to the nation's current alliance for their suspension or expulsion from that alliance so that punitive action may be taken.

C. Any member that has had punitive action taken against it by the Cabinet may have its privileges and rights suspended until restored by the Cabinet.

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