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Looking for a Lord of the Rings themed alliance?

Eomer the Young

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Greetings all unaligned nations! I am here today to talk about the Riders of Rohan (RoR), a new alliance with a small amount of members but a solid base. I have spent the past few weeks setting up our charter, military, bank, flag, guides, and much more. Though we are a Lord of the Rings themed alliance, you don't have to know anything about LotR to join. You can just have fun like in a normal alliance! We are based on the GREEN team, and are looking for newer nations eager to build up.

Most alliances would not consider us a real alliance as of yet, since we don't have very many members, but if you are interested in diplomatic relations then you are most welcome. We are currently looking into getting TGE as our protector.

I would like to stress to other alliances that we ARE NOT interested in mergers. We consider mergers a threat on our soverigenty, and once an alliance merges they lose who they once were. We are however, interested in forming new bonds such as MDPs and PIATs.

Unlike other alliances, we do not bribe people into joining us, however we will offer aid to new members who wish it, and we do not threaten those who don't join. Here are some things that you will get upon joining,

-An organized military system

-A constitutional monarchy that allows citizens to even suggest new laws

-A Stable filled with guides to help you and your nation develop

-A bank system to help us during times of war

-Choose from different careers in the alliance! Become a diplomatic rider and travel with the Foreign Affairs Advisor to different lands and from new bonds. Or you can become a Messenger Rider, riders of rohan spreading messages to the alliance quickly. You can also begin a military career and work your way through the ranks, or become a bank nation to assist us during times of war. Interested in politics? Why not become a senator, or run for an advising position? Or you can become a soldier of Rohan, riding your horse to war alongside your fellow Riders and comrades. The choice is yours!

-And much more!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please visit our forums and head to The Golden Hall where you can register your application as a rider. Here are our forums:


Without further ado, our flag and charter:


Riders of Rohan

Preamble: The Riders of Rohan, protectors of the Mark, is an alliance bound to the protection of the Riddimark, who have joined together for common prosperity and defense.

Article I: Government

The Riders of Rohan, henceforth known as RoR, is ruled by a Monarchy. The King of Rohan is the supreme ruler, he will lead RoR in times of war and holds veto powers over any motion passed by the senate. He is responsible for making decisions for the good of the alliance. The King of Rohan only leaves when:

1. He is removed from his throne

2. He resigns

3. He leaves Cyber Nations in all.

Section A: Powers of the senate

The senate is composed of 10 elected officials who decide on policies for the alliance. If the majority decides on a law, it is then sent to the king to be passed into law. The King may veto this law as he wishes.

Section B: Powers of the King

The King holds veto power over any laws. This veto can not be overridden. Once the King resigns, he must appoint a new king from the alliance. If the King simply leaves without appointing a new King, the oldest senator will become King. If this Senator does not wish to be in the position of the King, he may choose the next King. The King is also responsible for declaring war and sending his riders to the aid of other allies. He must stand alongside his cavalry in combat. The King may choose his advisors. He may also expel or pardon members (see Article II: Section C)

Section C: Powers of the Advisors

There are 4 different advisors, a War advisor, an Economy advisor, a Recruitment advisor, and an Foreign affairs advisor.

Section C1: Powers of the War advisor

The War Advisor is second in command during times of war to the King. While the King leads his men in combat, the War Advisor is the most strategically skilled man in combat, and will advise his King on what to do. The King may choose to listen to his advice or not.

Section C2: Powers of the Economy advisor

The economy advisor is responsible for managing the economy of the alliance. This means controlling aid trains and trade groups for the alliance, both in times of war and peace. He must be skilled in economic strategy.

Section C3: Powers of the Recruitment advisor

The recruitment advisor is responsible for maintaining a healthy growth of the alliance. He will gather his recruiters to muster the Rohirrim (new recruits), those who wish to join the ranks of the Riders of Rohan.

Section C4: Powers of the Foreign affairs advisor

The Foreign Affairs advisor, or FA advisor, is responsible for maintaining good relationships between other alliances. He and his diplomatic riders must go throughout the lands, seeking peace and alliance with the various alliances of the CN. During times of war, he must gather our allies and inform them of the coming ruin.

Section D: Powers of the citizens

The citizens of Rohan play a part in this as well. By being a citizen of Rohan, you will receive aid and protection from RoR. However, this does not come without responsibility. All citizens will be called to war if the King decides so. They also have the right to vote for their senators, and are encouraged to do so. They may introduce new laws to the senate, and the senate will be required to review these.

Article II: Membership

Section A: Becoming a member

Joining the Riders of Rohan is easy. All may join our ranks, so long as they are not involved in any wars or being hunted by large alliances. Simply follow the signup instructions and wait for approval.

Section B: Population cap

The RoR is never to exceed 700 members. Once the 700 member cap is reached, recruitment will be halted for one month. After the one month, recruitment may only continue if member count has dropped below 700.

Section C: Expulsion

The King reserves the right to expel any member he sees fit. If a member breaks a serious law with no decent reason to do so, then they will be tried by the Senate. The King may also pardon a member to be expelled. (See powers of the king)

Article III: Military Organization

The RoR is divided into five military sections: The Westfold army, the Eastfold army, the army of Helm’s Deep, the army of Edoras, and the Army of the King. The Westfold army is composed of Riders at 1-20,000 Nation Strength. The Eastfold army is composed of nations at 20,000-40,000 Nation Strength. The army of Helm’s Deep is composed of nations at 40,000 to 80,000 Nation strength. The army of Edoras is composed of nations at 80,000 to 160,000 Nation Strength. The army of the King is composed of nations at 160,000 Nation strength and above.

Each army is led by a Marshall of the Riddimark. The 1st Marshall commands the Westfold army, the 2nd Marshall commands the Eastfold army, the 3rd Marshall commands the Army of Helm’s Deep, the 4th marshall commands the army of Edoras, and the 5th Marshall commands the army of the King. The King will join the appropriate army, and will lead them in combat. The Marshall will still have power over that army and give commands, but the King has the ultimate say.

Please note that the names of these armies are purely cosmetic, they have no meaning apart from it sounding cool.

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