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The Tranquil Alliance


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The Tranquil Alliance

Grow, Prosper, Live


This is the Tranquil Alliance. I will not lie, I do not expect many people to want to join here. I have decided to take my leave from war, from greed, and from the CyberNations world that is full of large alliances. There is 500,000 Young Nation Program. This is no "hippie" nor "neo-hippie" alliance, just an alliance who wishes to attract people looking for a change. I have a few key rules to the alliance.

1. I, personally, support Peace Mode, despite it's flaws. But it is not mandatory

2. We have no need to sign any form of pacts as we never plan to war.

3. We focus primarily on young nations' growth.

4. To receive any aid, loans, etc. from us you must be a member for a certain amount of time.

5. We encourage members to grow here and leave to find an alliance if they choose to make their own path. Those that choose to stay in Tranquility are more than welcome.

6. We DO have a military, despite the peace. Being unprepared is a fatal flaw.

If you are interested peace and prosperity. Tranquility and happiness. Freedom from greed, war, and rivalries...well my friend. You are welcome to join.

Linky: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Tranquil_Alliance/index.php?

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