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Disciples of Apocalypse Alliance Charter

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Charter of the Disciples of Apocalypse

Article 1 – About Disciples of Apocalypse

The Disciples of Apocalypse seeks to protect and help advance its members. We offer assistance to new nations starting out looking for guidance. We will protect you in a time of war. We will fight to the end to ensure your survival.

Article 2 – Membership

All nations who wish to join will be accepted as long as the following conditions are met.

• Nation Name

• Ruler Name

• Link to Nation

Once accepted into the alliance, member nations promise to follow the Charter. At that time, member nations are required to change their nation color to Orange and their nation’s alliance to Disciples of Apocalypse.

Article 3 – Government

The government for the Disciples of Apocalypse will have a President and Vice President. Other positions of power will be added as the alliance grows and will nations will be appointed by the President.

Article 4 – War

No member of Disciples of Apocalypse shall declare war without first clearing it with the President.

Any nation declaring an unsanctioned war on an allianced nation will be required to pay reparations for their actions.

Article 4 – Military

All nations must build an adequate military to defend not only yourselves but your fellow brethren. At times of heightened awareness, your Government will advise you to go to maximum readiness.

Article 5 – Defense

If one of our nations is attacked, it is an attack against all in our alliance. We will do whatever it takes to defend our alliance.

Members are encouraged to develop nuclear capabilities. But we condone using them in irresponsible ways.

You can join my alliance at: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Enter_the_DOA/index.php?

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