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Foundation of the Harlequin Union


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Today, The Harlequin Union has been officially founded. Charter:

link to forums: http://theharlquinunion.bigforumpro.com/forum.htm


The Harlequin Union's main purpose is to protect its members from the harsh CN world. We also are here to help young nations grow and learn the game of Cybernations. We will fight with and for our allies. We believe that the government of the Harlequin Union can stay in control of all matters, but we also understand the importance of other jobs.

Article 1

Government Officicals

Ace of the Union: The Ace is in charge of the entire alliance and all that goes on in it. He/She has a higher authority than anybody in the entire alliance and can over rule anything he/she wants to. The Ace is nominated into office by every government member. 60% of the government must agree on the new Ace or the King/Queen is automatically appointed.

King/Queen: The King/Queen is second in command and is also not in charge of anything in particular. The Ace and King/Queen have similar jobs, but sometimes the Ace will have half the government be ruled by themselves and the other half by the King/Queen. The King/Queen is picked to do their job by the King/Queen.

Jack of Internal Affairs: The Jack of Internal Affairs is the head of the Internal Affairs office. They will have the ability to appoint members to and Internal Affairs Job. Appointed by Ace only.

Jack of Defense: The Jack of Defense is in charge of all military affairs. He/She is to make sure that all members of The Harlequin Union are safe at all times. Under him are 6 lieutenants. They are in charge of the six companies where all members participate in the military. Jack of Defense is appointed by the former Jack of Defense, or the Ace.

Jack of Diplomacy: The Jack of Diplomacy is very important if we don't want to be completely isolated. He/She will be in charge of sending our diplomats to other alliances' forums so we can have a friendship with them. He will also be in charge of whether or not to let foreign diplomats from other alliances stay on our forums. He/She is appointed be the Ace.

Joker: The job of the Joker is to assist Government Officials in any way that they can. They are elected every two months by the entire membership of the Alliance.

Other Jobs

10th Bank CEO: The Bank CEO is in charge of sending out aid for nations who got it for joining, or for those who requested it. Under him is a deputy Bank CEO who helps out with Banking, and the members of the bank who actually send out the aid. The Bank CEO is elected by all General Membership.

9th Tech Deal Administrator: It is this person's job to make sure all tech deals within the alliance run smoothly. He/She will make sure that all deals are completed as fast as possible. They will also coordinate tech deals with other alliances. This person is elected the same way as the 7th Chief of Mentor Center.

8th Head of Recruiting: The Head of recruiting is in charge of the recruitment office. Its this guy/girl's job to have as many recruitment messages sent out as possible. This is a very important position. He manages all recruiters and gets new recruiters to recruit. He is appointed by the Jack of Internal Affairs.

7rd Head of the Academy: This person is in charge of making sure that all new members know where to go after they pass the academy test, and they need to make sure that every person interested gets an academy test. They will provide no help what so ever to the student taking the test, but will send the test back with the answers that were wrong underlined. Then the academy member will send it back until they pass it.

6th Chief of Mentor Center: This person is to get members of the alliance to become mentors. The head of the mentor center is second in command of the Academy. Mentors are more experienced players who teach the game of CyberNations and about our alliance to new members of our alliance. The Chief of the Mentor Center is elected by a vote of General Members, or the Jack of Internal Affairs will appoint him/her.

5nd Head of Auditing: This person is to schedule audits on members of The Harlequin Union at any time. The way you do this is you get them to post every detail about their nation and an auditor will review it and tell the person what they need to fix if anything. He/She is elected by public vote or is appointed by the Jack of Internal Affairs.

4th Lieutenants: There are 6 lieutenants in charge of the six companies where all members participate in the military. Lieutenants are appointed by the Jack of Defense.

3rd Diplomats: They are sent out to other alliances' forums so we can have a friendship with them. They are chosen by the Jack of Diplomacy.

2nd Head of The Harlequin Union Monthly: This person will be in charge of writing a newspaper every month that has the news in it. They will get journalists to help write stories and things that are currently going on in the world of CyberNations. This person is elected through a public vote.

1st General Membership: General Members who have no specific job in The Harlequin Union.

NOTICE: we will not use some of these jobs until we reach at least 40 members.

Article 2


At all times, The Harlequin Union will have a military. All of our members will be in it. Members will be split into companies depending on their Nation Strength. In charge of the companies are the 6 lieutenants. They authorize all attacks and keep the companies in order. Above the lieutenants is the Jack of Defense. The Jack of Defense is in charge of declaring war and is held responsible for the protection of all members of the Harlequin Union. If you are asked to, you must go to war. None are allowed to not fight during times of war.

Article 3


All members who sign up and are accepted into the Harlequin Union must stay for a time no less than 2 months. After this time is complete, and the member has not participated in our growth program (look below) they may resign. If you resign before 2 months, you are sentenced to a week of war. If you decide to come back during that time, the war will stop and your two months start over at zero again. No members can resign during war time. They may receive up to a month war if they try to.

Article 4


10th Bank CEO is in charge of banking. The Bank position in the Harlequin Union is a job in which members save up their money and send it to nations that need aid for rebuilding, growth etc. We will have a growth program for smaller countries to grow. If you go through the growth program, you are then required to stay in the Harlequin Union for at least 4 months after you have completed the program.

Article 5

Team Color

The Harlequin Union is a Green team alliance. Members are asked, but not required to change their team color if they don't wish to. It is advised that members change to green team anyway so they can get trades within our own alliance and help us all out.

Article 6


Amendments are allowed to be added to the Harlequin Union's charter. For an Amendment to be passed, 75% of the government must agree on the passing of it. Amendments can be proposed by any member of the alliance, no matter what rank. Not all vote on them however. Only the Government.




Keithdawg09 Ace of the Harlequin Union

We need members. Join us!

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