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An Apolgy


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5 days ago a member of WAPA defected. he then preceded to attack 2 wapa nations and anarchied one. I crushed him that day. I then bombed and attacked him everyday hence then, lowering his infra and NS. 2 days ago I sanctioned him as first act of being a Blue Senator. I did that for he was going to be zid, i wanted to test sanctioning our, and for some kicks and giggles. I was wrong for both actions. This nation was Finn MacCool . I know not what possessed him to defect and attack WAPA nations as he did. He said he wanted to know how good he was compared to his fellow alliance mates. It took some real balls to do I must admit, to attack an alliance 30 times one's size. He is Finn MacCool though, so no surprise at his gall and bravery. He meant no harm with his actions. A simple anarchy would of been enough. I however overreacted because he is one of my good mates in CN and was shocked and felt betrayed for he was one of the first to even vote for me and sign up at WAPA TE. I cursed, threated, severally damaged his nation beyond repair, sanctioned, and treated him in an unacceptable manner. Therefore I apologize. I will remove your sanction at update. I also thank you for the peacing out with WAPA instead of slot filling and allowing us to pummel our real enemies. You may not be in WAPA now, but you will always be it at heart, and we as sons of WAPA, can not fight each other. I also would like to make an apology to Queen Selindryl and Pedroboo3046. You two were trading with him and without warning I deleted your trades with him and then told you to get over it. May I be forgiven by my mates for my unacceptable acts of tyranny and barbarism.


o/ FINNER, one of the finest people in CN

o/ Selindryl the most divine queen

o/ Pedroboo, just a great lad all around

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