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Didn't see this one coming


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If you still haven't found an alliance check out the Rising Sun Federation.

We are a new Yellow team alliance looking to become a force in CN. We are growing quickly but still need active members to help mold our identity.

If you are interested and active we provide aid and tech deals.

PM me with any questions... RSF is the way to go! :awesome:

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Memento Mori, we are a new alliance, with few members, but government positions open, and for a player such as yourself, should be easy to occupy.

We offer a 3 million start up fund for now, with radom aid given during slow times.

Our charter states that all memebrs that do not appear on our forums within 15 days are given a 40% warn, and if they do not appear for 30, they are releved of their membership, to ensure an active and fun community.

Of course, if your active, and inform us when your leaving, you will have no problem

Were a purple alliance, with a protectorate coming with a big, alligned alliance,

and 2 economical treaties in the works, to give us the best growth we can.

Any questions?

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