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Lu mpire brings a new age join us


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I am lutai i am proclaiming my self emperor of my allaince and i called it Lu Empire we settled in china in the Cheng du area i decided to pop back from my last defeat during the past round this was my vid explaining what i went through http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4VSzfk2awY but anyways i digress who wants to join the Empire Of Lu to make up for their losses i promise we will be one of the powerfulist alliances and fair to the the other alliances and we will not declare war automatically against a allaince unless they try to taunts us so may i ask you my brothers and sisters in arms will you join my empire and Make your name known through the cybernation world well the choice is yours who will Help me Unify this world of war WHO WILL JOIN ME !

(oh we need someone to make a forum for this clan the last forum i made was hacked and im afraid it will happen to me again so ya we need a person who can make a forum )

nation symbol : The mighty God of war LuBu!! well to the allaince forum page but in the game its different lol


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