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Green Trade Circle


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I'm looking to build a 3BG Trade Circle over here. It is widely acknowledge over on Planet Bob as the best trade combo. Without Further Ado, I shall state the resources needed for this trade circle.

Aluminum - Increases soldier efficiency +20%, lowers infrastructure purchase cost -7%, and lowers aircraft purchase costs -8%.

Cattle – Increases number of citizens +5% and lowers land purchase cost -10%.

Fish - Increases number of citizens +8% and lowers land purchase cost -5%.

Iron – Lowers soldier purchase cost -$3.00, lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -10%, lowers infrastructure purchase costs -5%, lowers tank upkeep costs -5%.

Lumber – Lowers infrastructure purchase cost -6% and lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -8%.

Marble – Lowers infrastructure purchase cost -10%.

Pigs – Lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50, increases soldier efficiency +15%, and increases number of citizens +3.5%.

Spices – Increases the purchased land area of a nation by 8% and increases population happiness +2.

Water – Increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50, increases population happiness +2.5, and improves a nations environment by 1.

Wheat – Increases number of citizens +8%.

Sugar – Increases number of citizens +3%, and increases population happiness +1.

Uranium – Reduces infrastructure upkeep cost -3%. Allow nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nations government preference supports nuclear weapons.


Initial Infrastructure Cost: -33%

Infrastructure upkeep: -21%

Population increase: 27.5%

Population happiness increase: 9.5

Initial land cost: -15%

Purchased land area increase: 8%

Environment: 1

Resources Needed

Aluminum -

Cattle - calliah

Fish - Pachirisu

Iron - Pachirisu

Lumber - luap7

Marble -

Pigs - calliah

Spices - luap7

Water - CheddarOTW

Wheat - CheddarOTW

Uranium - Zenergy

Sugar - Zenergy

If you are interested, state your interest over here!

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Hey, I am looking for a long term resource 1 - WATER resource 2 - Pigs on green sphere

I can promise to be a reliable trading partner, not canceling a trade without at least 2 days notice.

My resources complement yours,

Population increase: 3.5%

Population happiness increase: 2.5

Environment: 1

Soldier increase: 15%

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5


also helping you get a great resource combo.

We will both also receive at least a +$2 income bonus for trading in team.

If you are interested, send me a trade request. Please consider this offer and thank you for your time,

Zagarius Ruler of the Grey Wolf

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I'm pleased to announce that this trade circle is slowly getting to completion. we are now left with just one nation resource. We need Aluminum and Marble as the final resources to complete this trade circle. Anyone with these two resource interested?

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