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orange 3 bonus with wine


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Hello, I am looking to set up a 3 bonus trade circle with wine, the reason for wine is that it gives a better bonus than uranium unless you plan on making nukes, and beacuse i have wine not uranium.

What we need













Which gives the bonus resources of Fast food, Construction, Beer.

TotalsInitial infrastructure cost: -33%

Infrastructure upkeep: -18%

Population increase: 27.5%

Population happiness increase: 17.5

Initial land cost: -15%

Purchased land area increase: 8%

Natural growth increase: x0

Technology cost decrease: 0%

Environment: 1

Soldier increase: 35%

Soldier cost decrease: $-3

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5

Tank cost decrease: 0%

Tank upkeep cost: -5%

Aircraft cost decrease: -8%

Aircraft upkeep: 0%

Aircraft limit increase: 10

Cruise missle cost decrease: 0%

Cruise missle upkeep: 0%

Nuke cost decrease: 0%

Nuke upkeep: 0%

Water increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50.

Construction requires technology level of 5 of greater.

Which is good, must be Orange Team or willing to change and have a harbour.

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I've got a friend in Orange who desperately needs a new Trade Circle:

Nation Name: Theatre Cove

Nation Ruler: DramaFreak08

Alliance: CMEA

Resources: Oil and Sugar


You look at Oil and I know what you're thinking and that's why I'm asking this:

Please can you swap one of your unoccupied resources and replace it with Oil? Being a professional in the Trade Circle industry, I think you'll be better off anyway but that's just my opinion, what with Population Happiness and what-not. It's my job to arrange Trade Circles so that's why I think Drama would be a good option for you. :)

I'll send him to this topic so he can introduce himself formally. He's a good friend of mine and will not let you down.


Thanks for your co-operation.


Grand Lodge of Freemasons

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