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United Nations of Sovereignty (UNOS)

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United Nations of Sovereignty

We Are The Ones

We are the ones of change, order, and inevitability. We are the ones that will help you grow into a great and powerful nation. We will stand undivided and forever strong.

Our alliance is here to protect and ensure our membership that they can grow freely and without worry of being blindly attacked by some raider with a tech thirst. We offer large amounts of aid and at no fixed rate so the young active members can receive the full benefits of being a member and active. All we ask for our time and money is your loyalty and activity. I will just list some of the perks you get when you are a member of UNOS and then you can judge if this is the alliance for you.

Younger Nations Would Enjoy This More:

-Start Up Aid of 3 million (New Nations Below 2k NS. Sometimes varies depending on situation)

-Joining Aid of 3 million (All New Members)

-Harbor Aid of 3 or More Million ( All members without Harbors)

-Growth Boost Program (Only Active Members gets This)

-Tech Selling Program

Older Nations:

-We Offer A Chance to Have your opinions Heard and to Help Govern an Alliance.

-A Friendly Community That knows When To Have fun and When To Be Serious.

-Protection From Tech and Land Raider

-Timely Tech Sellers

-Active Membership

-Experienced Leadership

UNOS, is a small but growing alliance that only wants active members and a friendly community for all members. Today is your chance to become apart of something great.

Link To Charter

Apply Here for Membership

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