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Barracks and Navel Question


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Was wondering, with my nations size would I benefit more from citizen count +2%, population happiness -2, Improves environment -1??? (I have switch the effects around(that is what I will get If I drop the barracks))

And on the navel Question, What are the best onces to buy?

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You would benefit much more if you drop the pop happiness a bit and instead get a 2% population bonus, just work the numbers:

136,494 citizens

I'll assume a citizen income of around 500 or so, for the arguments sake. Tax collection would be somewhere between 150 and 300 per citizen.

Calculating the Top Range of that: 136,494 x 300 = $40,948,200

Now, what is 2% of 136,494 citizens? 2730 citizens (2729.88)

With all improvements related to it, you increase the $2 lost by 74%, meaning $3.48 in income loss.

So, with our new citizen count, and our income loss: 139,224 x 296.52 = 41,282,700.48

And, with the environment going down 1 point, if you have greater than 1.44 environment, then you gain more citizens.

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