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Grand Central Agency

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Grand Central Agency


We dont offer aid yet but we will soon. But we do have tons of allies that will give you as many tech deals as you need. Also if you need a harbor we will give you aid for that.


Right now we are looking for a Minister of Internal Affairs, couple Generals. We are small but are growing pretty rapidly.


We just signed a Protectorate with Random Insanity Alliance. So you are very well protected form raiders.


You will get tons of help. If you have any questions or concerns. We will help you. We are kind of like a small family. There are not a bunch of rules and its not uptight. We are just laid back.



This documentation is hear by set by the law of Grand Central Agency. If not followed the proper actions will be taken.


*Article I.Joining GCA means that you agree to follow the rules and regulations.

*Article II.You also agree to listen to the leaders.

*Article III. Applicant nations may not be involved in any offensive or defensive wars at the time of application.

*Article IV.Applicants may be outright rejected if they are on the enemy list of one of Grand Central Agency's allies, if the applicant is a known criminal, or if the applicant was a past member of the alliance and did not provide reason for previous departure, or left under unpleasant terms.

*Article V. All members of the alliance are expected to treat their fellow members with respect at all times, and on all channels of communication, including the alliance forums, and the Cyber Nations forums.


*Article I.Grand Central Agency is a somewhat peaceful alliance. You may only attack a nation if you ask and its CONFIRMED. Before you attack you must triple check that that nation is not in an alliance.

*Article II.The alliance will follow a DEFCON system of militaristic control. Under this system, a five point scale is utilized, with DEFCON 5 being peacetime readiness and DEFCON 1 being full-out war. Specific descriptions of each level are available at request.


*Article I. If the person is accused of braking one of the rules then there will be a held trial.

*Article II. The defendent always gets to tell his/her side of the story.

*Article III. There will be one prosecutor, one defendent, and the consul. When the ruling is given it is final. No going back.

*Article IV. The leader always get a say in the trials.

*Article V. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty.


*Leader- Helps organize the alliance and the forums. Makes sure everything is running smoothly. He helps where ever is needed. Makes the final orders.

*Minister of War- Manages the war platoons. Makes sure new applicants sign in. Looks for rouges with in the alliance. Has control over the war department and gives orders to the Generals. Decides to attack or not.

*Minister of Trade- Finds new and more efficient ways to do tech dealing. Helps new applicants find the best trades for them. Organizes trade guilds.

*Minister of Internal Affairs- Deletes, makes, manages posts. Helps with the forums. Keeps the forums in order. Finds new ways of doing things. Mostly masks applicants.

*Minister of Foreign Affairs- Makes new diplomatic relations. Makes new treaty's. Helps us to be known in the world of cybernations. Will be a diplomat for our alliance.

*General- Second in command of the platoons. Takes orders form the Minister of War. Organizes his platoons. Makes sure everything checks out with in the platoons.

*Process of Treaty's*

1. Leader or Minister of Foreign Affairs are the only ones that can make up treaty's with foreign allies.

2. All Ministry and Leader must read through the treaty thoroughly.

3. When/if we all agree that it is for the best. The Leader and all the Ministry must sign it.

*Procedure on Declaring War*

1st. Minister of War has to be for attack.

2nd. If the Minister of War is not for the attack than the Leader and the rest of the Ministry must be for it to over rule the Minister of War.

3rd. When agreed it is for the best. Then Minister of War would tell the platoons to get ready for the attack.

4th. The alliance would switch to DEFCON .

5th. Each platoon would take the same person

6th. If the alliance was bigger. Than we would attack separately. (Never attack a huge alliance.)

Any rules that are broken will resdult in Banning/and or Perminant ZI.


Dark Ninja- Leader/Founder

Isotope- Minister of War

Sword- Minister of Trade

So if getting protection, havong fun, and being in charge sound good to you. Than come on over to GCA.


Because really isnt that what cybernations is really about having fun.

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