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URA Recruitment Thread


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Charter of Aerion

Article 1 - Governance

I.The Republic shall be governed by a Senate. The Senate shall be the voice of the member populace to the outer world, and the Senate is charged with maintaining, defending, and securing the alliance, in times of peace and war. The Senate herein granted control of the Republic.

II. The Senate shall be elected for terms no shorter than 6 months.

III.The Senate shall be composed of the heads of each department,(Head of Defense would be a Justice in the Senate, Head of the Interior would also.. etc)

IV.The Senate of Justice powers are as follows: The power to vote on proposals, the power to hold elections, the power to declare war; if the vote is unanimous. The power to create offices and appoint ministers. The Power to veto the Consul. The Power to create and/or sign treaties. The Power to declare treaties invalid. The power to hold trials.

V.The Senate shall promptly after elections, appoint a Consul to preside over the alliance. The Consul shall be responsible for the day to day operation of the Republic. The Consul shall serve as a Symbol of the Republic.

VI.Consul powers are as follows: The right to declare war, with permission from Senate, right to create new department and appoint minister to oversee the department until elections can be held. The right to appoint a cabinet and give powers, with permission from the Senate. The right to propose amendments to the charter, with permission from the Senate. The power to pardon any offense against United Republics of Aerion.

Article 2 - Membership

I. Member Nations accept that membership in the United Republics of Aerion is incompatible with membership of any other alliance.

II. Nations pledge to act in the interests of the Republic and to work to advance the goals of the alliance. All Members are expected to work together to ensure the survival, well-being, and growth of the Republic. Nations are required to follow all orders given by the Senate/Consul chain of command, so that the alliance will be coordinated, and well fit.

III. Member Nations accept that they are bound by an oath of confidentiality. As such, they may not reveal internal or confidential information regarding the Republic to any extra-alliance party. This oath is binding, no matter how many months/years past; the information is not to be given to any outer alliance or outer party. The release of any of Sensitive information is to be considered treason, and all nations in alliance are required to do the nation to which the crime is belonged, harm.

IV. Any Nation that is willing to give their oath of alliance, and sign this charter are eligible to join. Any nation invited to join must also bear witness to this charter before membership is accepted.

Article 3 - Defense

I. An armed attack against any Nations within the Republic shall be considered to be an attack against them all. In such an event, the Republic shall collectively take action as deemed necessary by the Senate, potentially including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the Republic.

II. Nuclear weapons are permitted by the Republic, but any misuse of Nukes are not condoned by this charter or by the Republic. No Nation is permitted to use Nukes unless given permission by the Senate.

Article 4 - Violations

I. A Member Nation of the United Republics of Aerion which has attacked a fellow Member Nation or has persistently violated the Principles contained in the present Charter may be expelled from the Republic by the Senate. If the member nation denies any wrong doing, or has a case in which a trial can be based, the Senate shall make a decision accordingly.

II. A Member Nation discovered belonging to another Alliance or in violation of his oath of confidentiality will be considered to be practicing espionage and expelled from the United Republics of Aerion. In the case of former Member Nations discovered in violation of their oath of confidentiality a request will be made to the nation’s current alliance for their suspension or expulsion from that alliance so that punitive action may be taken. If the alliance refuses, then the Consul shall make decisions thereafter.

III. Any Member Nation of the United Republics of Aerion against which punitive action has been taken by the Senate may be suspended from the exercise of the rights and privileges of membership. Such rights and privileges may only be restored by the Senate.


Thanks to IRON for the frame work of this Charter.


The Goverment of this Republic is still in the formation stages, I will act as Consul until elections can be held; if you would like to Join please reply.(which flag???)

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