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Hello From GLOP

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Im Guardian666 Minister of Internal Affairs and a member of Council im here to invite you to join our alliance Global League Of Protectorates (GLOP). Now you ask why should you join us @ GLOP well thats simple here are a few reasons:

We are a growing Alliance under the protection of ELEMENT

We give new member $1.5million after seven days of being a member

We give aid for a harbor

We give aid for the 1k infrastructuture jump and the possibility of aid for the 2k, 3k ,4k etc.

We have experianced members on hand to help build your nation from the day you join.

We have the best aid package in CN

and all we ask for in return is you to join and be active.

well do you want to join then visit


and post in the welcome centre

your faithfully


Minister of Internal Affairs

Council Member


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This is an offical notice from the Council of GLOP

To all who wish to join

You are welcome to sign up for our Alliance where you shall recieve $1.5mil in start-up aid after a probationary period and recieve further aid when it is required we have members that will guide you through the process of building you nation from a small nations to a relitve large prospering nation join us @ http://z9.invisionfree.com/GLOP/index.php?

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GLOP is changing so instead of getting just $1.5mil and harbor aid you will get over $3mill from the stronger natuions in the alliance to build yourself up this will result in $$$$$ millions for a new starter nation this is a opputunity not to be wasted join us @ http://z9.invisionfree.com/GLOP/index.php? today

This has been a Recruitment message from the Office of Internal Affairs for GLOP

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