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looking for an alliance

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hello, Fowubia is looking for a new alliance, we dont care if we dont grow fast or get little aid

what where looking for

a strong alliance that will protect us

does not have a challenging academy or require us to have certain resources

aid would be nice but is not important, protection is more important since our economy is actualy pretty strong

we do not want to have to go to war at the start since we have a weak army at present and dont want to suffer from retalliation, but when our army is stronger we will be able to go to war

we dont want to be restricted too much from declaring war, espicialy on enemies of our nation, and on nations we feel are a threat to us and others.

we are quite active at the moment, on every day, but we also predict at least a few times a week activity so we cant be required to be too active espicialy when school starts we will probably be less active.

we would prefer to stay on the white team, however if we change teams we will need gold, gems, iron and lead, coal, and fur, unless our current trading partners stay with us after a team moves, and we would also like a deal involving oil and water.

Fowubia Thanks in advance of any alliance that takes our nation in.

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