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International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)

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Welcome to are Recurit thread,this is a vital way we can recuit and we ask all members,and diplomats to please bump us! :blush: We are fairly new and growing at a rapid rate,before long we will be as strong as a Emprire.We are accepting all members,and we have Council Seats open. So if you like government,join us and run.Or just want a strong,orginzed community,join us! All members are strong to us,and we care deeply about them. So if this is the kind of community you want,join us! ^_^ We promise you won't regret it! ;)

International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Charter


The 4 principal reasons why our government was formed:

"(1) The common defense (national security);

(2) the preservation of public peace, as well against internal convulsions as external attacks;

(3) the regulation of commerce with other nations and between states;

(4) the superintendent of our intercourse, political and commercial, with foreign countries (foreign affairs)."


Section-1 Membership Requirements

If a Nation wishes to be a member of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) , it must fulfill their requirements in order to be officially stated as a Member State and Citizen of the community.

Once a member, and Member State of theInternational Security Assistance Force (ISAF) , you can not join other Alliances, unless you wish to Resign. New members can not receive Aid, unless they have joined, and have been the target of hostile Foreign Aggression. Other wise they must wait for a week to receive Starter Aid. They must also pass a Entry Exam if they wish to be able to run for any Political, or Military Position.

Section-2 Government Structure

Once a new applicant has been approved, and has been official been stated to be a member and Member Nation of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), they may enjoy the rights that everyone else in the community enjoys, they will be able to help Vote for the International Security Assistance Force Administration Council.

The International Security Assistance Force Administration Council consists of:

..:..Director & President

..:..Vice President

..:..Minister of Economics

..:..Minister of Foreign Affairs

..:..Minister of Internal Affairs

..:..Minister of War

The Council Minister Members are elected once every two months. Nations that have been members longer than two weeks can be nominated within The Council. Beginning one week before the election date. At the end of the nomination period a public vote will take place by both forum poll and thread posting on the offsite forum lasting for 48 hours. The top four vote recipients will be named to the Council.

-Director & President-

The Director & President is the Head of State of the entire alliance. The Director & President may replace the Vice President at any given time, as ask for the removal of Ministers. The Director & President’s Signature is required on all Documents passed by The Legislative Division, the Director & President has the power to Veto Bills.

-Vice President-

The Vice President is appointed by the Director & President. It does not require a Vote to replace or remove The Vice President. The Vice President's signature is required along with The President's on Bills, or any other Voted out Document passed by Legislative Division. The Director & President may give him the equal power as himself if he deems it necessary. The Director & President has emergency powers to eject any Nation he deems is a threat to The Alliance's security. He may also Declare Martial Law, and remove The Legislative Division of its Powers if he deems it necessary.


Section-3 The Legislative Division

The Legislative Division is the system that the International Security Assistance Force Administration uses. We use this because the system is easy, but much more stronger and effective. This division is were members can bring laws that can/will be passed by the government. The system is quite simple, a member brings the law to the government. Then the government reviews the law and brings it to the Director & President as well as the Vice President. After they both are seen and authorized that law actual becomes a law. If that law is Vetoed that law goes to Archive state.

Section-4 Laws

These are the laws and can’t be changed, the laws that are added are the same way.

Law-1; Every member and Member Nation is subject to Military duty, and in the discharge of this duty no substitute can be accepted.

Law-2; The total land force of the alliance shall form one Army, which, in war and in peace, shall be under the command of the Director & President.

Law-3; The Director & President shall have the right to designate garrisons within the Alliance, as also to call any portion of the Army into active service.

Law-4; All Security Forces & Troops are bound implicitly to obey the orders of the Director & President. This obligation shall be included in the Oath of Allegiance. The Minister of War, shall appoint Members of his Military Staff, however they can be removed, and replaced by anyone the Director & President deems more competent.

Law-5; The Director & President shall have the power, if the public security of The Alliance demand it, to declare martial law.

Law-6; Amendments of the Constitution shall be made by The Legislative Division if there is a 75% Vote Cast, as well as Approval of The Director & President.

Law-7; The alliance does believe in war as a tool of advancement. All Wars on Non-Aligned Nations is Legal, however attacks on Aligned Nations is against Imperial Law.

Law-8; It shall be the duty and the right of The Director & President to take care that, throughout the Army, all Military Divisions are to be kept full and well equipped, and that Unity be established and maintained in regard to organization and formation, equipment, and command in the training of the men, as well as in the qualification of the officers. For these purpose The Director & President shall be authorized to satisfy himself at any time of the condition of the several Divisions, and to provide remedies for existing defects.

-The Charter may be changed at anytime, and Sections & Articles may be changed at any time or added.-

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