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SNOW - White Trade Openings


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The Solidarity of Nations On White (SNOW), recently announced here, would like to help you find good trades. As such, I will be advertising various trade openings from SNOW here, so check back often for changes.

For all circles and trades, you will need to be on the White team, have a harbor, and be willing to cancel all your current trades to accept the list we give you. Everything is first come first serve.

Trade Circle Openings: (items in red are needed)

Updated 7/4/2008

Coal, Fish, Furs, Gems, Gold, Lead, Lumber, Oil, Silver, Wine, Pigs, Wildcard

Bonus Resources: Affluent Population, Fine Jewelry, Microchips, Scholars

Aluminum, Cattle, Coal, Gems, Gold, Iron, Lead, Lumber, Marble, Oil, Pigs, Rubber

Bonus Resources: Construction, Radiation Cleanup, Steel, Asphalt, Automobiles, Scholars, Microchips

Aluminum, Cattle, Coal, Fish, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Oil, Rubber, Wheat, Lead, Lumber

Bonus Resources: Steel, Automobiles, Construction, Asphalt, Scholars

If you are interested, please post your resources and which circle you want to join. We have plenty of other openings as well, so if you are looking for White trades, post your resources here and I'll see what I can do for you. Contact me in game if you have any questions.


These circles are being brought to you by SNOW. SNOW is a neutral trading ground for White team nations. Signing up will give you access to a vast network of tech deals, donations, and trade circles. To join SNOW, please visit our forums here:


If your alliance is not yet a part of SNOW, please have a representative from your alliance contact The Order of Light in one of the following places:

IRC: #tool on coldfront

SNOW Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/CN_Market

TOOL Forums: http://www.theorderoflight.com/forums

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