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United Pastafarian Alliance Coalition

Michael McBride

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From the Noodly Desk of Sir Michael Harland

Reverend, Esq., Server of His Noodly Goodness, Drinker of the Beer Volcano, Patron of the Stripper Factory

With all of the recent turmoil lately on Planet Bob, including the disbanding of many prominent alliances, most notably \m/, UPAC has decided to open it's doors officially to all members of Planet Bob wishing to follow the path of His Noodly Goodness, our Creator, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Below is the charter of our Noodly Brotherhood.


We, the followers of our Noodly Master, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, hereby acknowledge, ratify, and generally recognize this charter. We know that we stand for all that is good, and that we stand against all that is not good. This charter is one that will stand up to any others, at least in terms of strict plausibility if not literary finesse and retributive beheadings and disembowelments. Also, we recognize that this alliance is based off of the Best. Religion. Ever.

The Pirate's Code

The government of UPAC is made up of nine Pirate Lords with differing responsibilities, headed by a Pirate King (or Queen). The Pirate Lords are as follows:

Pirate King (or Queen)

Pirate Lord of War

Pirate Lord of Diplomacy

Pirate Lord of Internal Affiars

Pirate Lord of The Holy Noodle

Pirate Lord of the Beer Volcano

Pirate Lord of the Stripper Factory

Pirate Lord of Midgets

Pirate Lord of Mountains

Other parts of the charter will be added later, but to register, please go to http://z10.invisionfree.com/FSM_Land_Forum...dex.php?act=idx



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