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buying land?


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can some really buy land or take it by force.

what i mean is that can some one really invade a area like agentina for example even if there located in say japan or russia.

if so, how you do it

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You can get land by buying it or declaring war. If you want to declare war, go to the nation you plan on acting. Then at the top of that nations information there is a link that says "declare war" push the link and fill out the form. You're now at war with that nation and you can ground attack it and takes its land.

Yes, if you're in Japan you can attack people located in Argentina. The Google Map doesn't effect gameplay in the slightest.

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Ok i know that but i mean can some one really hold territory as i say hold an small island and i conquered an unclaimed area in greenland.

Is that possible to to take land that is not yet owned?

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