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any colour circle 7 bonus resources


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oil (taken)

wine (taken)









you will get

automobiles asphalt construction microchips Radiation Cleanup Steel Fine Jewelry

pm me in game and post here http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=236717

asphalt - Lowers infrastructure upkeep cost -5%. Requires Construction, Oil, and Rubber.

Automobiles - Increases population happiness +3. Requires Asphalt and Steel.

Construction - Reduces infrastructure cost -5% and raises the aircraft limit +10. Requires Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum, and a technology level greater than 5.

Fine Jewelry - Increases population happiness + 3. Requires Gold, Silver, Gems, and Coal.

Microchips - Reduces technology cost -8%, increases population happiness +2. Requires Gold, Lead, Oil, and a technology level greater than 10.

Radiation Cleanup - Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Improves a nations environment by 1. Reduces global radiation for your nation by 50%. Requires Construction, Microchips, Steel, and a technology level greater than 15.

Scholars - Increases population income +$3.00. Requires a literacy rate greater than 90%, Lumber, and Lead.

Steel - Reduces infrastructure cost -2%. Requires Coal and Iron.

btw thats 8 bonus resources

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