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Blue Trade Circle


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Standard 8 bonus resource trade circle.

Marble -

Aluminum - osufano2 of cerealbowls

Rubber - Holding

Iron -

Gold - Dr Ramen of Ramen Shogunate

Coal - Holding

Oil - osufano2 of cerealbowls

Wheat - Dr Ramen of Ramen Shogunate

Lead -

Water - Gambit of Jujutsu

Lumber -

Uranium - Gambit of Jujutsu







Radiation Cleanup


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Added, Judicator even though there is no fish; uranium completes this circle completely in my eyes you have all the resorces to cheapen infra and you have uranium so when your large enough you can by nukes. its a win win exept the fish porblem its a very good combo glad to have you along. Also to anyone who joins as soon as you join and you want to trade just send an offer.

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Well, It looks like I have to drop out. I am talking to a friend of mine however, he has the same resources as me and may be interested so reserve the Oil and Aluminum spot and I will see what he thinks and get back to you ASAP.

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