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Hello, welcome to the iTech Corporation tutorial and introduction thread.

iTech Corporations is an alliance dedicated to the prosper of its members. Its mission is to provide and continue to provide the best protection and AID for its members. iTech's other goals are to establish diplomacy, a steady stream of technology trades, and neutrality throughout the Cybernations universe.

There are many alliances in Cybernations, there is one out there right for you. How can you tell if this one is right for you?


If you are interested in gaining money quickly, and you are a new nation then this alliance would be a good place to start. This Corporation can be seen as a company or an alliance, depending on your affiliation with it. Please read on to see the positions we currently have open.

Global Management: This is the general management of iTech Corporations. They are the CEO's body, and perform general tasks such as trade organization, forum maintenance, military organization, and technology sales. These individuals are on a regular basis expected to attend meetings with the CEO and other Global Managers. Global Management is elected into their positions by the people, and serve for 3 months, then are either re-elected or not. The number of Global Management depends upon the number of employees and citizens iTech Coporations maintains at a time.

Employee: This is the individual who sells technology and reaps its benefits. Depending on the price they choose to sell at will depend on the number of deals this member makes. At higher prices technology will be sold but less often, and technology sold at lower prices will sell more often but with a lower income. These are the arms and legs of iTech, keeping it active and ensuring its members become strong prosperous nations. These nations may run for Global Management after being in The Corporation for 3 months. In the case that there are not enough of Global Management and there are too many employees, the longest standing Employees are allowed to run for Global Management up to a maximum of 3.

Citizen: These are the nations who choose not perform technology deals with other nations. Their benefits include protection from unjust attack, and alliance AID. These members have the rights to become employees, but they cannot become part of Global Management until they have been an employee for at least 3 months.

Our Programs:

The current program we have is the iTech Program. This is where a nation sells 50 tech for a designated price from 1.5 to 3mil.

If your interested please follow the forum link below, the proceed to follow instructions on the forums.

Our forums at <a href="http://itechcorp.isgreat.org/forums/" target="_blank">http://itechcorp.isgreat.org/forums/</a>

Our IRC channel at server Coldfront on channel #iTech

Please have a safe and productive day.

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