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Looking for an alliance


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Then You Should Look At The German Empire

I am a contact for The German Empire. We are offering your nation a chance to be a Member State of The German Empire. We would be willing to give you a nice gift ($500,000.00 New Citizen Aid) for joining, and may receive up to 3,000,000 if active participant on our forums. You are also granted the safety that is associated with being a Citizen of The Empire. We could quickly turn your nation from a third world country to a Economic and Military Powerhouse. Take this with honor, we want to make you as a friend and comrade of ours. I hope you don’t pass this offer over, I hope you decide to join The German Empire. You can learn more at:


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The Orange Defense Network could help you grow we offer

  • Trade Circles (ODN helps you find trades)
    Tech Deals (ODN has a large amount of nations looking for tech deals)
    Experience to pass on to newer nations
    Protection, "one of the largest alliances" "through thick and thin we'll help you out in any way we can"
    Personal mentors for every member

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Check out Atlantic Empire at www.atlantic-empire.com

We're no where near the size of the big alliances, but we're not that small. Trust me though your voice will be heard, I'm a very small nation in Atlantic Empire, and my voice is heard, and yours will be too. We also give startup aid for our new nations.

I hope you consider this offer.


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