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Buying tech $2,000,000.00 for 50


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If you are a tech seller with 5 slot open soon, PM My nation.

My nation Visit ALFERVILLE

We will send you 2 aids of 3 mil each 6 Million.

You send out 3 aids of 50 tech.

No middlemen are needed for this deal.

Deal is done, We will see you again in 10 days.

If you have microchips & 2 Universities and purchase the tech correctly, and never have more than 50 tech on hand, You will make a profit of about 4 mil every 10 days.

No one has a better deal available.

I need 3 tech sellers.

EDIT: I really only want sellers that have chips and universities, I want your nation to make the 4 mil+ profit every 10 days, It seems silly to me to waste all the potential profit on original tech cost.



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I just lost one of my new sellers.

To: ALFERALFER From: tazman 6/26/2008 1:04:09 PM Subject: RE: Aid list

I was told by my superiors in my alliance that this was on hold. Would you please check in with them so they can tell me its ok to start the deal. As soon as they say its ok i will accept the aid and send the tech. Thank You

I need one more now.

I have 6 mils ready to go, and the aid list ready too.

Please have Microchips & Uni's and 5 Slots open soon before PMing me.

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