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Jade Confederacy


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Jade Confederacy

The Jade Confederacy is a relatively new, open alliance base on the green team. We are governed by a permanent council of three, with democratically elected ministries that will take over day to day business of alliance. As new alliance, there is stability to grow your nation, and much opportunity get involve with running the alliance.

We are doing well so far. In less than a week of existence, we have secure 30 members and 155 000 nation strength. We are looking forward to more key members joining and blossoming into potential leadership

If you are interested in joining us, register on:

Our forum

Them fill out membership application here:


Our mIRC channel is #jade on coldfront server.

For reference, our charter is here:

I. Membership


-When applying, you will change your AA to Jade Confederacy Applicant

Any nation approve by the council can join the Jade Confederacy, unless they are:

I) In another alliance

II) At war

III) Declarde enemy of another alliance


-When leaving you must post a topic in the resignations thread

When you have done so please remove our AA from your nation.


-The Jade Council has power to expel a member for break charter, betrayal or other reason seen necessary.

II. Government

A. Council

i) A permanent council is entire executive authority for Jade Confederacy. The councilcan delegate power as it needs.

ii) As the Confederacy expands, so to can the council by unaminous vote of current councilors.

B. Impeachment

-To impeach a councilor there must be a initial motion with at least 10% of the membership signing. There will then be a impeachment vote for removing the said counsilor from power. 80% of membership must approve impeachment to give effect.

III. Treaties

A. Ratification

-The Jade Confederacy reserves the right to sign and cancel treaties.

-Treaties are passed by majority vote of council.

B. Cancellation

-In order for any treaty to be cancelled or downgraded council must pass a unaminous vote.

IV. War

-The Jade Confederacy will only resort to war if all other options and diplomatic channels are exhausted.

-In order for aggressive war to be declared, it must get a unanimous council vote.

Wars by Treaty

-The Jade Confederacy honors our allies through thick or thin in, meaning MDP's, MDoAP's and MADP's.

Nuclear Policy

-No nation may use nuclear weapons without permission from the council. Any first strikes may lead to immediate expulsion.

Spy and Tech Raid Policy

A. In-Game Spy Policy

I. Spying on The Jade Confederacy is the same as any rogue attack if a nation is found doing so their alliance will be spoken to immediately. If they have none they will be punished as council sees necessary.

II. No Jade Confederacy member may spy on any nation without being in a war approved by the Council.

B. Espionage

I. Stealing Jade Confederacy documents, personal information or of any other malicious intent is grounds for war from The Jade Confederacy.

II. Any member spying on another alliance will be expelled immediately and the said alliance will informed and apologized to publicly.

V. Sphere

The Jade Confederacy is a green team alliance. Other team nations may join with council approval.

VI. Amendments

This charter can be amended with by unanimous council vote.

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Thanks Infidel!

Jade Confederacy has explode past 50 members this week. We have rock solid foundation that continue to be a great draw for new nations in cybernations!

COme visit our forums, as perspective member or just a friend!

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