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Are ready for the greatness called GLOP?

The Charter of the GLOP


In order to create a third party made up of the first and second parties, the Global League of Protectorates, henceforth referred to as the fourth party eventhough it’s really just the third party, but is forced to be referred to as the fourth party (or GLOP) because of complaints from the fifth party that three is too close to two, therefore meaning that the third party is too close to the second party, henceforth makig a pure and independent third party impossible, has been established as a combination of the first and second party, therefore, one plus two being three, has formed the fourth party, to spread the ideals of both the original first and second parties.

The sixth party has decided to abstain from all actions regarding this charter.

Article I: Membership

All applicants to GLOP must fulfill the following requirements:

- Not be in a war in which he/she was the aggressor at the time of application.

- Fill out the appropriate application with the appropriate information in the appropriate section of the GLOP Forums.

- NOTE: you get a bons after applying if you are able to to explain the preamble of this charter, because eventhough we wrote it, we don’t know what it means. (that is "we" as in reference to the people of the fourth party, formerly the third party, not the first or second, and certainly not the fifth or sixth)

Article II: Government

Section 1: The GLOP (the fourth or third party) is run by a parliamentary form of government. A council of six members will be elected by the people, and a member of that council will be voted in by the other councilmembers as the alliance High Chancellor.

Section 2: Once the High Chancellor is elected, he/she is no longer a member of the council, but forms the executive branch of the government while the council forms the legislative branch.

Section 3: A balance shall be maintained between the High Chancellor and the GLOP Council. Any decision made by one party can be vetoed by a majority vote of the second party (these parties being the executive and legislative branches of the government, not the same first and second parties as the preamble).

Section 4: The Council and High Chancellor hold all the power to make decisions for the alliance save for the decision on who will be in the council, which shall be decided by the people.

Section 5: Members of Government will serve a term of two months, at the end of which, all government postitions will be cleared and elections must take place to re-elect or replace all positions.

Section 6: Additional Government positions to be elected include:

Minister of Defence (MoD) – In charge of all military actions undertaken by the GLOP and it’s members.

Minister of External Affairs (MoFA) – In charge of relations with other alliances and appointing ambassadors.

Minister of Trade (MoT) – In charge of organizing trade aggreements within and outside the GLOP.

Minister of Finance (MoF) – In charge of the GLOP’s finances and banks.

Minister of Recruitment (MoR) – In charge of organizing recruitment efforts undertaken by the GLOP.

Minister of Fun (MoFu) – In charge of being fun. PAAAAARTAAAAAYYYY!

Minister of Law (MoL) – In charge of administration and enforcement of the Charter. This includes, but not limited to interpreting the Charter as written, overseeing amendment proposals and votes, receiving complaints of violations, and overseeing trial proceedings unless they are the accused.

Article III: Rights and Powers of the People

Section 1: The people have the power to remove any Government official by a 75% majority vote of the GLOP.

Section 2: The People have the right to speak freely without threat of punishment by the GLOP unless they are using profanity and/or obscenities.

Section 3: The People have the right to vote freely without intimidation from other GLOPers.

Article IV: War

Section 1: Aggressive attacks made by GLOPers on other nations that are members of alliances are not permitted without permission from the High Chancellor or Minister of Defence. Members who are found in breech of this section will face possible expulsion from GLOP and destruction by GLOPing.

Section 2: The function of tech raiding is built into cybernations, and while GLOP frowns upon it, it is to be permitted to raid unaligned nations, after 7 days of inactivity. Anyone raiding any nation that is, was, or has applied for membership in another alliance will be considered in breach of the Charter, and dealt with accordingly. Also, should they tech raid someone who is not 7 days inactive at the time of war declaration, they will be in breach of the charter and also dealt with. Screenshots are encouraged to prove your innocence should activity be called into question. Should a tech raid start heading south, and the raided nation begin fighting back, GLOP is under no obligation to aid the raider in any way shape or form. To do so is solely at the discretion of GLOP's individual members

Section 3: Declarations of war made by GLOP on other alliances must be approved by both the Council and High Chancellor. Once war has been declared, members must follow orders given to them by the Minister of Defence.

Section 4: Nuclear weapons are allowed to be purchased and used ONLY for alliance defence. During times of declared war between GLOP and other alliances, GLOP will follow a strict Non-nuclear first strike policy. NO nuclear weapons are to ever be used unless approved by the Minister of Defence or unless the nation using the nuke has just been hit by one, in which case nuclear weapons may ONLY be used against the offending nation. Any member caught in breech of this section WILL be immediately expelled from the alliance and GLOPed.

Article V: Discipline of GLOPers

Any GLOPer found in breech of this charter, it’s amendments, and legislation passed by the council may be punished in any of the following ways: Removal from a government office, barring from becoming a government official, payment in CN money, tech, or soldiers to the GLOP or other nation or organization, suspension from the forums, expulsion from the alliance, and GLOPing. Serious offenses may warrant banning from the forums, and contacting of CN Game Mods.

Article VI: Amendments

We, the founders of the GLOP, realizing that we are not perfect (sadly) and knowing that this charter reflects that quality and will need to be amended as time progresses, leave to the members of GLOP the ability to amend this charter by a 75% majority vote of the entire GLOP.

Article VII: Rejoining The Alliance

A member of the GLOP who leaves can rejoin once without penalty. (but I will probably still call you a silly monkey)

If that member leaves a second time and asks to rejoin, he or she can only do so with a majority vote of the GLOP council. The GLOP council will require that he or she give a suitable gift of atonement. This might be donating a few million dollars to the GLOP bank, it could be sending out a certain number of recruitment messages.

Article VIII: Alliance Clolour

GlOP is officially a yellow colour alliance. Only officially GLOP is a yellow colour alliance meaning that it is not compulsory for any nation to have to switch their nation colour to yellow. However it will be made compulsory in the use of trade rings where if a nation is entering a trade ring it is obliged to change it's colour to yellow for the duration of the trade ring.

Article IX: Trial Policy

To accuse someone of a crime, or breach of the charter, you must submit the nation name of who you are accusing to a thread in the courtroom, to be titled, "the accused". Also you should list their offense and any evidence supporting this claim, so that the Minister of Law may judge the merit of your claim.

Anyone who is to be put on trial for any reason must have it done in the following manner:

Section 1. They are to be notified of their trial by the Minister of Law through the cybernations PM system, in which they are given the URL for the alliance forums.

Section 2. The Member who will preside over trial proceedings is to be the Minister of Law, unless he/she is the Accused in said trial. In such case, the High Chancellor will take his/her place in presiding.

Section 3. Any member who decides to leave GLOP rather than facing a trial will be allowed to do so, unless that member owes aid to GLOP, or has endangered GLOP, or would otherwise be subject to a major GLOPing. The officer who would preside over their trial will judge whether they should be allowed to leave freely according to the aforementioned guidelines.

Section 4. The accused and the accuser may each select someone to represent them in the trial, and post their name in the trial thread. The option of self representation is always out there. If the accused does not appear in the trial thread, then the Minister of Law will appoint someone to represent them until they appear. Like in real life, they both act in the best interests of whichever side they happen to be representing (prosecution seeks the harshest punishment and proves guilt, while defense attorney works to prove innocence and seek the smallest possible sentence should guilt be proven.) Lawyers are, once again, an optional addition to court proceedings. The only time that they become necessary is when the accused does not appear, then they are appointed a lawyer.

Section 5. The Minister of Law selects 5 additional members to act as a jury during trial. Jury will determine guilt or innocence, and may not have contact with either party during proceedings. For lack of a better way to prevent this, it will be based simply on the trust system. Honesty is the only policy.

Section 6. Council will set an end date for when all trial talks will end of no less then a 10 day period, 7 for trial, 3 for a poll*. This date is tentative, and is subject to change should Council deem more time necessary. The trial thread is to be locked at reset the final day of the trial.

Section 7. All members are allowed to participate in trial proceedings All members will be free to post any evidence for or against the accused, or their personal view on how things could have happened.

Section 8. Once all arguments are made and the trial starts going in circles, Council or the presiding officer calls for the Jury to begin deliberation. The jury will be given until reset the following day to return a decision. The Jury must work toward a unanimous decision, however if at reset the following day unanimity eludes them, then a 4:1 majority will suffice. If a 4:1 majority is not reached, then the Jury is hopelessly deadlocked, and proceedings begin again, with different jurors.

Section 9. After the Jury returns their verdict, the presiding officer will announce sentencing. They must look at the predetermined punishments found within the Charter for sentencing. Attorneys will be able to plead their requests for sentencing until the presiding officer posts their decision in the trial thread and locks it, marking it as final. Anyone re-opening a trial thread after a decision has been returned will be considered in violation of this charter, and subject to GLOPing.

Section 10. Any person convicted has the right to request an appeal. Council will consider the request and either accept or deny. The method of coming to such a conclusion is left to the discretion of council, because every crime cannot be covered and planned for. Should Council grant an appeal, then trial proceeds as any other trial would. Appeals are limited to 1, and only one, limiting the number of trials for any given crime to 2 at the very most. Should a deadlock occur during an appeal, then the original verdict stands, regardless of the number of jurors who voted for either guilty or innocent.

Section 11. Should the accused not appear in their own trial thread, the trial proceeds as normal. The 10 day limitation will begin counting on the day that the thread is opened.

*10 days should be a reasonable amount of time for someone to log into cybernations and view their trial notification.


The undersigned representatives of the first and second parties hereby officially form the Fourth party, the Global League of Protectorates (GLOP) as a sovereign alliance of Planet Bob.


For the first Party (GOOR),

- Lord Ricardo, High Chancellor

- Linkkjm, Vice-Chancellor

For the Second Party (IPA),

- Bartholomew Roberts, President

- Demontae aka Serg92, Vice-President

- Razumihin, Director of Foreign Affairs

- Blackavar, Militia Commander

- Pyronicice, Director of Program

- Farah, Director of Recruitment

GLOP Benifts:

*Aid to every new nation

*Fun Contests

*Cheese Puffs!!!!

*An awesome arcade

*The best and friendlest players around

*Most Secure Alliance around

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