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March of the Great Crusades

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Come Join The Holy Crusaders. We are a small but growing alliance. We have great offers for new adn old alliance of all different nation strengths. 5000NS and lower get a start-up package of at least 1.5mil. Nations above that get a package pending thier Nation Strength.

**When you join please change your team color to pink 7 days after you join.

Being on the pink team when applying would be even better**

Our Leaders:


--- Chris Redd


--- Joffrey17

Chief Diplomat (MoFA):

--- TBA

Judge Magistrate:

--- Domanader

Minister of Trade and Finance

--- Domanader

Minister of Recruitment:

--- Admiral Reiem

Minister of Defence

--- Joffrey17

Minister of Domestic Affairs:

--- Alexpark

(Note- Positions that aren't filled are being controlled by, President, VP and some of the other Ministers)

Link to our off-site forums: The Holy Crusaders


The Holy Crusaders


"Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Safeguard the helpless, and do no wrong."


THC was formed on the basis that we want the best for every nation in the alliance. The Holy Crusaders accept any nations, one who had a troubled past or one who is looking for sanctuary. The Holy Crusaders ensures that all members be treated equal and have a voice in political matters. In return, The Holy Crusaders expect honesty and integrity from their members. The Holy Crusaders philosophy on government is based on the principles of Democracy and Christianity. However, THC accepts anyone of different faith and welcomes all. THC also wants what is best for their members and want them to be happy and prosper on Cyber Nations. For that reason THC will do everything in its power to help members in need. THC is a peaceful alliance and looks for any allies and if provoked will destroy all opposition. In shorter terms, THC strives to become #1 in the world of Cyber Nations.




Section I: First Step

- All new recruits must properly fill out an application, if he.she want to be accepted into the alliance.

Section II: Acceptance

- Applicants must wait 1-2 business days for an admin to accept the application and give the proper mask. This shall be the standard waiting time, unless specified otherwise.

Section III: Academy

- Once the alliance membership reaches 100+ members, an academy will be created to provide proper education to the new recruits. This is so that they may prosper on CN. <This section is subject to change>

Section IV: Resignation

- All members (even those who hold an office) who wish to resign must come to the proper section of the forums (THC District Court) to announce their leave or resignation. They must also place a reason for departing.

- If a member fails to do this, they will subject to punishment to a possible ZI.

This may seem harsh, but this is how we can keep update on who leaves.





(Term: life until resignation)

- The President is the leader of the alliance and oversees all activities of the alliance. The President has the authority to propose laws, bills, and or projects for the better of the alliance. He/She can veto proposed laws, bills, or projects by the Council.


(Term: life until resignation)

- The vice-president has the same duties as the President, but is different beacuse of the chain of command and must ask the President for approval of laws or bills submitted by the vice-president. The vice-president is the speaker of the Senate representing the President. The vice-president will send proposals by the Senate to the President, if the proposals will have a major impact. Otherwise, the vice-president may handle other proposals.


(Term: 2 months)

Section I: Alliance Security Council (ASC)

- The Council was created for members so that the Council members represent the members and take consideration of their needs and opinions concerning the alliance. The Council members are members who hold a position in the alliance, so there will only be 4 Council members. If there were to be a tie in votes then the Constituo Officina (Vice-President) will be the deciding factor. The Council can propose bill, laws, or projects that will benefit or improve the alliance. The President can veto them, but if the Council is able to gather at least 3 votes then the veto will be overruled. If a Council member were to resign or be impeached then the alliance will hold an emergency election to replace that Council member.


(Term: 2 months)

Section I: This part of the alliance government has the task of bringing justice and equality to ULN members. Failure to meet these standards will result in immediate resignation or replacement. There will be 3 judges to ensure that there is no tie. Each judge shall be elected and have a term of 2 months. Each judgment will be swift, quick, and reasonable.. Only the judge Magistrate shall be a High Council member and for a judge to become a Magistrate must've received the most amount of votes.

Clause I: THC District Court

- The District Court will deal with Civil cases. That have to do with issues within the alliance, should it be tech deals, trade, or promises of some sort. Any judge can decide on a case.

Clause II: THC Supreme Court

- ....

Clause III: Rights

- Each member has a right to appeal a judges decision, but that member must have a petition signed by at least 2 Council members and at least 5 members. Then the appeal will be subject to review by the President of THC.



(terms: 2 months)

Ministry of Trade and Finance

- The ministry of Trade and Finance is in charge of regulating all money transactions and distributing aid to members of the alliance. This ministry also aids members in need of certain trade resources.

- The minister has the authority to impose economic sanctions and loan limits, but these actions must be justified and must be approved by the vice-president or the President of THC.

Ministry of Recruitment

- This ministry is in charge of handling all new recruits; processing everything to help them get started and uncomfortable with the environment. This ministry is THC's Customs Agency, checking backgrounds, previous aids, and previous wars. The head recruiter or the minister will be appointed or elected by the president to oversee all activities in this ministry.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- This ministry will be in change of all foreign affairs, whether it is to make new allies or solve situations diplomatically.

- The minister is the presidents personal foreign adviser. He/She is also in charge of assigning diplomats to certain alliances to represent THC. He/She can send convoys to foreign Relation missions. The minister must also write treaties, which are to be approved by the president and other signatories.

Ministry of War

- This ministry is in charge of assigning members to their appropriate rank. This ministry will also post rogue lists, Battalion HQ, and a Briefing Post where members will be given important information.

- The MoW is the Supreme Commander of the THC military.

- Each Battalion will have a Capt. and Lt. The Capt is the Battalions leader and the Lt. is the assistant and in charge of the battalions forums section.

Ministry of Domestic Affairs[

- This ministry has the duty of improving this alliance domestically and make sure members are kept up to date on events in the Cyber Verse. This ministry also has to give members advice on their nations and also provide members with sigs or avatars.


Article IV: War/Foreign Policy

- THC will be a peaceful alliance and will solve issues diplomatically, but if THC were to go to war to protect an ally or defend the defenseless, then THC shall wage war against the aggressor(s).

- A member is not allowed to attack another member of the same alliance. No THC member shall attack an aligned nation. A THC member can attack an unaligned nation, but will no receive assistance from THC, unless that nation is a rogue. All battle reports are to be reported in the Briefing Post or the Rogue Center, depending on who the member is attacking.

- A nation may carry nukes, but for only for defensive purposes. If he/she wishes to use a nuke, that member must receive authorization from the president or vice-president.

- There will be a rogue list and it will be updated. A rogue will be labeled as KIS (Kill on Sight)or US (under surveillance).


Article V: Espionage



Article VI: Amendments

- no part of the charter is subject to change unless labeled. To change a part of the charter there must be a 3:2 vote by the Council (including the Vice-President), it must also be approved by the MoFA and the Judge Magistrate.



- Chris Redd

- Joffrey17

Edited by Joffrey17
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