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Losing and Winning.


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I've been playing CN for a little over 200 days and my alliance got into our first serious war. I took on two opponents who were equal NS, had war chests, and had every military improvement minus guerilla's.

I don't understand why when we both have $13mil (spied him) and I attack with 80% to 20% odds, somehow lose, I give him $1,000,000 almost everytime. Then when I win battles I only get $150,000 from him? I've lost about $7,000,000 over a week and a half because of this battle system that makes 70% to 30% / 80% to 20% odds look like 40% to 60%.

So why if I win, I get no money at all, and while I lose.. I'm throwing them more than enough to rebuy the losses inflicted?

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