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Blue Team Trade Circle

Epsilon Republic

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Blue Team Trade Circle

Aluminum -

Cattle - Winston Skippus

Coal- Sigma

Fish - Burnt411

Iron - Burnt411

Lumber - Skylar Aelruil

Marble - Winston Skippus

Oil - Crawlius

Rubber - Sigma

Sugar -

Water - Skylar Aelruil

Wheat - Crawlius

Bonus resources: Asphalt.GIFautomobile.GIFbeer.GIFconstruction.GIFsteel.GIF

Huge infra savings and population booster

If you have any combination of trades not currently filled, apply to this circle by replying!

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I'm very interested in this trade circle and can be part of it after a 48 hour wait period. Please message me when you would like to start and I will inform my trade partners. Also, I will switch to Blue to take part in this circle. I'm not going anywhere and promise a long, stable and profitable trade as a partner.


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